Interview with Ken Loach: “Now, More Than Ever, We Need Parties of the Principled Left”

I think in these dark times it’s very important that we have parties of the left that stand on the principled opposition to capitalism, that explain why what is happening to our economies, what is happening internationally, comes from the capitalist system.  It isn’t something independent, it isn’t an act of god, it comes from the economic system.  The oppression of the Palestinians arises from economics because the US needs a strategic base in the Middle East, i.e. Israel.  Therefore the oppression of the Palestinians and everything flows from that.  The collapse of the economic system, the collapse of pensions, poverty, homelessness — it has a common cause, which is the system of the means of production, distribution, and exchange.  And until we tackle that central problem, we’re simply dealing with the symptoms of the illness.  Therefore, principled left parties are essential to our future.  They are essential to peace, they are essential to people living with social justice.  And these are dark times.  The parties of the center left are now parties of the hard right.  In our country, that’s the Labour Party.  It’s now a party of the hard right, of privatization, the neoliberal agenda, support for Israel, and all the rest.  Now, more than ever, we need parties of the principled left.  And I absolutely support the work of Olivier Besancenot and his comrades in France.  I think it is very important we support him in every way and those people active in the working-class movement and in other countries like Belgium.  We support them electorally, we support them industrially.  We support workers in struggle who are in the front line of the attacks, of the neoliberal attacks.

The interview was conducted on 4 April 2009, during the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels.  The video was published on the Web site of the New Anti-Capitalist Party.  The text above is a transcript of the interview.