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And the War Has Only Just Begun. . .

Et la guerre est à peine commencée…

“The sleep of our era is not a good sleep that provides rest.  It’s an anxious sleep that leaves you feeling even more worn out, desiring only to go back to sleep again, to escape this irritating reality a little longer.  There is a narcosis that begs for an even deeper narcosis.  Those who, by luck or misfortune, awake from the prescribed sleep come into this world as lost children.  Where are the words, where is the house, where are my ancestors, where are my loves, and where are my friends?  There are none, my child.  Everything has to be built.  You must build the language that you will live in.  You must build the house where you’ll no longer be alone.  You must find the ancestors who will make you freer.  And you must invent the new sentimental education through which, once again, you will love.  And you must build all of this upon general hostility, because those who have awaken are the nightmare of those who are still asleep.”

Cf. Alberto Toscano, “The War against Pre-terrorism: The Tarnac 9 and The Coming Insurrection” (Radical Philosophy, March-April 2009); Comité invisible, L’insurrection qui vient (La fabrique editions, 2007); and The Invisible Committee, The Coming Insurrection.

This film was made in New York in 2001, or so says, where articles published by Tiqqun and tracts issued by the Comité invisible, both founded by Julien Coupat and his friends, may be read.

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