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Modern-Day Cowboy

Modern-Day Cowboy
Riding “Breaking News” to lasso a new cash cow . . .

Hamid Karout is a Syrian cartoonist.  This cartoon was first published in Tishreen on 17 July 2011; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  See, also, Syrian Electronic Army, “Blood Channels” (MRZine, 14 July 2011); Hamid Karout, “Still Trying to Detonate a War against Syria” (MRZine, 18 July 2011).  Cf. “Décryptage,” InfoSyrie; Karin Leukefeld; <>; <!/sate3>; <>; As’ad AbuKhalil, “Foreign Military Intervention in Syria” (Angry Arab News Service, 6 September 2011).

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