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Author Archive | Ann M. Schneider

The Audacity of an Imperial President

After Judge Katherine Forrest, on Sept 12th, ruled part of the National Defense Authorization Act unconstitutional on its face in the case brought by Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, and Daniel Ellsberg, the Obama Department of Justice sought an end run around the ruling and proceeded directly to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  Although Judge […]

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Hudson v. Michigan: The New Supreme Court’s Hostility to the Exclusionary Rule and the Fourth Amendment

Last week, in Hudson v. Michigan, the new composition of the Supreme Court revealed its hostility to the century-old exclusionary rule, which prevents illegally-obtained evidence from being introduced against a criminal defendant.  In 1914, in Weeks v. US, the Supreme Court said that, without the sanction of exclusion, the Fourth Amendment “might as well be […]

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