• Image from Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, August 2017, courtesy of Anthony Crider:Flickr.

    Rethinking the normalization of fascism in the post-truth era

    Talk of a fascist politics emerging in the United States is often criticized as either a naive exaggeration or a failure to acknowledge the strength of liberal institutions. Yet, the case can be made that rather than harbor an element of truth, such criticism further normalizes the very fascism it critiques, allowing the extraordinary and implausible to become ordinary.

  • Proud Boys co-founder Gavin McInnes is surrounded by supporters at a rally in Berkeley, Calif. (Photo- Marcio Jose Sanchez : AP)

    Neoliberalism in the age of pedagogical terrorism

    We need individuals and social movements willing to disturb the normalization of a fascist politics, oppose racist, sexist, and neoliberal orthodoxy.

  • Donald Trump at a rally in May in Nashville, Tenn. (Andrew Harnik : AP)

    Neoliberal fascism and the echoes of history

    The nightmares that have shaped the past and await return slightly just below the surface of American society are poised to wreak havoc on us again. America has reached a distinctive crossroads in which the principles and practices of a fascist past and neoliberal present have merged to produce what Philip Roth once called “the terror of the unforeseen.”