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LaborFest 2007

LaborFest 2007: A Moveable Feast

LaborFest, held each July to honor the aspirations and struggles of working people, is a moveable feast that ranges across the San Francisco area and back and forth in time. Why San Francisco? San Francisco is union country and it is working people who established LaborFest and have hosted it for the past 14 years.  […]

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The New Auto Plant Corridor

The Delphi/UAW Agreement: US Labor Takes Another Hit

The June 29 announcement of the approval of a wage-cutting agreement between Delphi Corporation, an auto parts manufacturing giant, and the United Auto Workers (UAW) means that U.S. labor has suffered yet another defeat in the ongoing war of attrition that is being waged against working people around the world. Details of the pact have […]

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Sneak Preview: Sicko

Michael Moore, who documented the sociopathology of the U.S. in Bowling for Columbine and nudged the Bush dynasty down the path of extinction in Fahrenheit 9/11, has outdone himself with Sicko. In Sicko, Moore focuses on one of the most callous and shameful aspects of U.S. capitalism — market, or as a meticulous economist would […]

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NAFTA from Below

NAFTA from Below: A Review

NAFTA from Below is an important book.  The full impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on the working people of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada has yet to be assessed, but this slender volume makes a major contribution to our overall understanding of this disastrous economic treaty that was imposed on the people […]

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Maquilapolis: City of Factories

American capitalism has been addicted to cheap Mexican labor since the U.S. conquest of Mexico in the nineteenth century. The Border Industrialization Program, the bi-lateral treaty that granted U.S. industries almost unlimited access to Mexican labor along the U.S.-Mexico border in the 1960s, fed the addiction.  Following on the heels of the runaway shop movement […]

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Department of Homeland Security Facilities

Endgame:The Biggest Police Operation in U.S. History

The recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids that paralyzed Swift and Company across the heartland of America were part of Endgame, a massive immigration enforcement operation launched by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2003.  Ultimately, it promises to be the biggest police operation in U.S. history.  The stated objective of Endgame is […]

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Lessons from South of the Border: Listening to the CJM

South of the Border The residents of the colonias of Matamoros, Mexico are refugees of the modern free trade wars.  Located near the maquiladora factories south of the US-Mexico border in the lower Rio Grande Valley, the impoverished colonias provide sharp contrast to the affluent suburbs and bustling shopping malls just across the river in […]

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War Work

General William Tecumseh Sherman declared that “War is hell,” but every grunt or swab that has ever served knows that, more than anything else, war is work.  Staging operations, killing people, breaking their things, and sometimes cleaning up the mess, all involve tremendous amounts of human labor. Current estimates are that there are at least […]

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Jail Incarceration Rates by Race and Ethnicity, 1990-2004

Law and Order

America’s most-watched TV crime dramas leave the impression that crime and punishment in the streets of America is an equal opportunity event.   Even cursory content analysis of the most popular shows indicates that the incidence of minority offenders is at (or below) the minority proportion of the population at large, while the number of minority […]

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Stolen Birthright: The U. S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People [El patrimonio robado: La conquista estadounidense y la explotación de los mexicanos]

[This essay is the second installment of “Stolen Birthright: The U. S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People” by Richard D. Vogel. Read the first installment here.] La guerra de Estados Unidos en México La guerra de Estados Unidos en México de 1846-1848 fue la primera guerra estadounidense de agresión en contra de una […]

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