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Evo Morales Promulgates Law That Lowers Retirement Age

Bolivian President Evo Morales, this Friday, promulgated the Law of Pensions whose content was, for the first time in the history of Bolivia, concretized by workers and representatives of social movements.  The Bolivian leader declared that the promulgation of this new law is evidence of the deepening of democracy in the nation. “What is most […]

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Morales Laments Exclusion of His Proposal from Cancún Summit

Bolivian President Evo Morales lamented this Friday that his proposal as well as that of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez, calling on the rich countries to halve their greenhouse gas emissions, has not been welcomed into the Cancún Summit on climate change to be held next week. Morales indicated at a press conference that the petitions […]

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Chávez Hails “New Middle East”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez: Condoleezza once said . . . that the United States was going to create “a new Middle East.”  Here’s a new Middle East, but not the one they wanted — another Middle East. * * * Summary of the Venezuelan Presidential Visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, 18-20 October 2010 […]

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Ecuadoran Armed Forces Affirm Respect for State of Law

General Ernesto González, Chief of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Ecuador: “The Armed Forces of Ecuador, as determined by the Constitution, is an institution to protect the rights, guarantees, and freedoms of Ecuadoran citizens.  Therefore, we respect the state of law.  We, the Armed Forces, are an institution organized by, led by, […]

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Thousands of Israelis Protest against Israeli Blockade on Gaza Strip

Meanwhile, thousands of Israelis took to the main streets of Tel Aviv to repudiate the military aggression against the humanitarian flotilla to Gaza.  “Jews and Arabs Refuse to Be Enemies” was the main theme of the demonstration.  Signs and placards demonstrated the solidarity of the Israeli people with the Palestinian community. This video was released […]

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TeleSur Demands Immediate Release and Physical Safety of Journalist David Segarra Captured during Israeli Attack

TeleSur Communiqué TeleSur demands, in the strongest terms, the immediate release of its collaborator David Segarra, captured after the Israeli military attack and massacre on a humanitarian fleet headed for Gaza. We exhort the civil and military authorities of Israel to safeguard his physical safety and all his rights. With other colleagues, David Segarra joined […]

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