• | Thomas Sankara | MR Online

    Thomas Sankara: An icon of revolution

    October 15 was the 33rd anniversary of Thomas Sankara’s death. On this day, he was murdered by imperialist forces at the tender age of 37.

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    Spanish state to Catalonia: “Surrender or we’ll take you over”

    Catalonia’s Premier Carles Puigdemont officially declared an independent Catalan republic on October 10, only to announce the immediate suspension of independence to allow for negotiations with the conservative Spanish People’s Party (PP) government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The declaration of independence formalised the result of the October 1 referendum held under extreme police repression: in it 90% of those voting (43% of the electorate) said ‘Yes’ to independence.

  • | Supporters of President Nicolas Maduro rally to support him while carrying pictures of late Venezuelas President Hugo Chavez in Caracas Venezuela May 8 2017 | MR Online

    Standoff in Venezuela

    Venezuela has been rocked in recent weeks by almost daily protests and counter-protests, as right-wing opponents of socialist President Nicolas Maduro seek to bring down his government.