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    Cuba seeks more equality and inclusion with the new Code of Families

    Roxanne Castellano, professor at the Psychology Faculty of the University of Havana, explained that this is a Code based on paradigms of non-discrimination that creates spaces for all, seeks solutions to conflicts, and is consistent with the conception of our socialist state of law and social justice.

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    Is Peru on the verge of a Coup?

    One month after holding the run-off election, Peru still has no President-elect. The winning candidate, leftist Pedro Castillo, hasn’t assumed the country’s leadership yet because the Peruvian right-wing insists that widespread election fraud has taken place, although justice authorities say otherwise.

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    Agony and death of neoliberalism in Latin America

    After nearly half a century of pillage, outrage and crimes of all kinds against society and the environment, we witness the downfall of the ruling model promoted enthusiastically by the governments of advanced capitalist countries; institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank; and self-righteous intellectuals and establishment politicians.