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RussiaGate - OtherWords

Making excuses for Russiagate

As months turn into nearly two years and no solid evidence emerges to nail Russia for nabbing Election 2016, some big Russia-gate cheerleaders are starting to cover their tracks, as Daniel Lazare explains.

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Iran Sanctions Imperial problems (Photo:

Iran sanctions, imperial problems

Trump’s anti-Iran move on Tuesday was deeply worrying for allies of the US. It is a blow for those countries, especially in Europe, that were hoping to build on the big expansion of trade with and investment in Iran after the July 2015 nuclear deal was signed.

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Members of Jaysh Al-Islam

War-bent Trump ready to go to bat for Radical Islamic terror group

On the campaign trail and during much of his time as president, Donald Trump has repeatedly railed against “radical Islamic terror,” which he once promised to eradicate “from the face of the Earth.” Less than two years into his presidency, however, Donald Trump has now threatened to attack a sovereign nation, Syria, at the behest […]

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What is the U.S. to do with Syria

Few options for the United States in Syria

The Syrian government has won the war in the country. Two barriers to total victory remain. First, that there are pockets of rebels in the towns around Damascus and there is the province of Idlib which is controlled by rebels. Second, there are the tracts of land that are held by the United States (in […]

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"Tenant Farmer," 1935, by Marie Atkinson Hull (1890-1980), at New Orleans' wonderful Ogden Museum of Southern Art. It is important in going forward to recognize that our political roots in part involve inadequate confrontation of agrarian injustice, which still goes on today.

Anti-capitalist meetup: A framework for a better and progressively socialist, U.S. farm bill

Seriously folks, this is the third and final part in an introductory series on the need for a humane socialist U.S. agriculture policy. (Part 1:…; Part 2:….) For over a year I have been plodding along in my spare time researching, thinking, and writing U.S. agriculture-related pieces from what I will call a progressively socialistic perspective. Along the way I have developed the firm conviction that […]

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