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Why Ukraine’s borders are back at the center of geopolitics

As tensions heat up on the Ukraine-Russia border, Vijay Prashad takes a look at the factors and interests behind what is happening.

Ministry for the Future with Kim Stanley Robinson

Science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson joins Money on the Left to discuss his Modern Monetary Theory-inspired “cli-fi” novel, The Ministry for the Future (2020).

Commemorating the Wisconsin Uprising

Thousands participated in the Sept. 19 demonstration. In a show of support, the AFL-CIO rented the then-new D.C. subway system for a day to provide free rides for the marchers. However, there was almost no on-the-ground follow up or work actions, and no coordinated response from other unions in the industry especially pilots.

Despite U.S. dirty tricks, Bolivia is finding a way to stay independent

Pressure to prevent Morales from running in the election in 2019 mounted early, but it failed. The opposition—with the full backing of the U.S. government—tried to undermine the October 2019 election by painting it as fraudulent. With no real evidence, the military—with a green light from Washington, D.C.—moved against Morales, sending him into exile.