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Protests outside of the Wisconsin state capitol building during 2011

Commemorating the Wisconsin Uprising

Thousands participated in the Sept. 19 demonstration. In a show of support, the AFL-CIO rented the then-new D.C. subway system for a day to provide free rides for the marchers. However, there was almost no on-the-ground follow up or work actions, and no coordinated response from other unions in the industry especially pilots.

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THE END OF WORK? Labour leader Keir Starmer meets a fleet of Starship delivery robots at a Co-op in Milton Keynes, during a visit to discuss technological innovation during Covid-19

Does automation spell the end of capitalism?

Capitalism will not ‘automatically’ morph into some ‘postcapitalist’ or socialist system due to technology replacing the human workforce. As the MARX MEMORIAL LIBRARY explains, ending capitalism will require a conscious, collective action on the part of ‘the many’—the working class.

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