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Imperialism, Globalization, and War

According to the Venezuelan government, an electromagnetic attack prevented the complete return of light after the blackout. (Photo- Anfrix)

Electric sabotage: how an electromagnetic weapon works

E Bombs, or electromagnetic explosive devices, are weapons of rudimentary design and high destructive potential. The first public and verifiable references of their existence and use in warlike conflicts date from 2001 when the United States included them in its extensive arsenal in the service of preventive war in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

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John Smith on imperialism (Part 1)

“The liberal/mainstream notion of imperialism that permeates…bourgeois political opinion proceeds from the elementary observation that the various empires that have existed during the past three millennia share one obvious characteristic, namely territorial conquest accomplished through military force.”

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Two diluent tanks at Petro San Felix (Anzoategui) were subject to sabotage

Map (and objectives) of the irregular war on energy in Venezuela

The cyber-attack against Corpoelec’s computerized centre in the Guri Complex hydroelectric plant and against the nervous centre in Caracas was followed by electromagnetic attacks and, simultaneously, sabotage of other backup infrastructure that reversed the recovery processes so as to ensure the general and irreversible collapse of the electricity supply.

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