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Imperialism, Globalization, and War

The Connivance of Capitalists written by Eamonn McCann

The connivance of capitalists

Socialist ideas have been jeered and sneered at by the same establishment now faced with the consequences of their profit driven contempt. We should be done with those bellowing cheerleaders of capitalism, argues Eamonn McCann.

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Adolf Trump Goes for Venezuela- A Jump into Nothingness?

Adolf Trump goes for Venezuela: A jump into nothingness?

In the midst of a desolate scenario, when the United States has become the country with the highest number of those infected by the Coronavirus, President Donald Trump and his team of serial criminals like Elliott Abrams, Cuban-American Mauricio Claver-Carone, Marco Rubio and others, announced that their country and 22 other nations would launch a […]

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Brother Ali at Blarney Irish Pub & Grill in Minneapolis. (Photo by: Tony Webster)

Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddamn

Ali raps in his verses that America is not the great place people make it out to be. He reminds us that slavery was present only two generations ago and extremely violent hate crimes occurred in the country. He also compares paying taxes to paying a homeless man for crack. Tax money is just supporting […]

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WHO, China was right

Western media unlocked: Hypocrisy behind COVID-19 reports

Why did apparently stigmatizing names like Chinese virus or Wuhan virus keep making headlines? How have the Western media shaped the narrative of China’s response to the novel coronavirus? As the virus continues to wreck havoc, China Daily investigates how the Western version of propaganda plays out in the global battle against coronavirus.

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