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Money on the Left

Money on the Left is a monthly, interdisciplinary podcast that reclaims money’s public powers for imaginative intersectional politics.

Hosting critical conversations with leading historians, theorists, organizers, and activists, the show develops insights from Modern Monetary Theory and constitutional approaches to money to advance new forms of left thinking and practice.

Money on the Left is the official podcast of the Modern Money Network’s Humanities Division. It is hosted by William Saas, Maxximilian Seijo and Scott Ferguson and presented in partnership with Monthly Review magazine.


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Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson (@videotroph) is associate professor of film & media studies in the Department of Humanities & Cultural Studies at the University of South Florida. He also co-directs the Modern Money Network Humanities Division and serves as research scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainability Prosperity. His writings have appeared in Screen, Boundary 2 Online, Arcade, Monthly Review Online, Qui Parle, CounterPunch, Liminalities, Naked Capitalism, Radical Political Economy (URPE), Dollars & Sense, Tropics of Meta, In the Moment (Critical Inquiry), Rebelion, & Contexto y Accion. His book Declarations of Dependence: Money, Aesthetics, and the Politics of Care was published by University of Nebraska Press in 2018.

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William Saas

William Saas (@billysaas) is professor of practice in the Departments of Communication and Digital Media Practices at Tulane University. He is also a Research Scholar for the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, co-director of The Modern Money Network Humanities Division, and host of the Money on the Left podcast. His work mobilizes and develops neochartalism as a theoretical framework for radical cultural, political, and rhetorical critique. He has authored or coauthored articles in Advances in the History of Rhetoric, Dollars & Sense, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, symplokê, and Western Journal of Communication. 

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Maxximilian Seijo

Maxximilian Seijo (@maxseijo) is a Ph. D. student in Comparative Literature at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He graduated with a BA in Economics and an MA in Film & Media Studies from the University of South Florida. He is co-host of the Money on the Left podcast, junior board member of the Modern Money Network’s Humanities Division, and Research Fellow at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. His scholarship focuses on historical intersections between critical theory, media theory and heterodox political economy.