• Strike at the Helm

    On October 7th, 2012, after hearing of his victory as the nation’s candidate with 56 percent of the vote, President Hugo Chávez Frias announced from a balcony in his hometown that a new cycle was beginning the very next day, October 8th.… Only a few days later, on October 20th, he headed the first meeting calling together the ministers of this new cycle, the Comandante called for a series of critiques and self-criticisms in order to expand efficiency, strengthen communal power, and further develop the National System of Public Media, among other themes regarding the construction of socialism.… This document synthesizes his words, as a tool for a debate in which we should all participate.
  • Hugo Chávez Addresses the Nation

      Havana, Cuba, 30 June 2011 Now, in this new moment of difficulties, especially since Fidel Castro himself, the very man of the Moncada Barracks, of Granma, and of Sierra Maestra, the eternal giant, came to tell me the hard news of cancer, I began to ask my Lord Jesus, the God of my parents, […]

  • Tweeting Back at Gringo Imperialism

      24 May 2011 Sanctions against the Patria of Bolívar?  Imposed by the gringo imperialist government?  Well then: Bring them on, Mr. Obama!  Don’t forget that we are the sons of Bolívar! 24 May 2011 That’s it, Nicolás!  The real effect of the new gringo aggression will be to strengthen the patriotic, nationalist sprit of […]

  • “We Are Not Anti-US, We Are Anti-Imperialist”

      Listen to Cindy Sheehan’s interview with Hugo Chavez: Cindy Sheehan: President Chavez, thank you for allowing the truth to be told about Venezuela, and about you and your revolution.  Before the revolution, Venezuela was a nation ruled and used by the oligarchy.  How did the revolution begin and how has it remained relatively peaceful? […]

  • Socialism Is the Path to Save the Planet

      15th International Conference of the United Nations on Climate Change, Kingdom of Denmark, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, Excellencies, friends, I promise that I will not talk more than most have spoken this afternoon.  Allow me an initial comment which I would have liked to make as part of the […]