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Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea & neighboring islands

Photo of Sam Wallman by Elwyn Murray. All images courtesy

Sam Wallman: A people’s comic artist

Sam Wallman is a talented political comic artist with a strong worker and union focus in his work. Based in Melbourne, he has produced pieces for SBS, The Nib, Overland, the Workers Art Collective, and a growing number of trade unions.

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Bushfires in Australia [Photo- Wikimedia]

Australian bushfire crisis spreads as PM denies climate change link

Even before summer has begun, bushfires and toxic smoke have threatened the lives, health and homes of millions of people in nearly every Australian state and territory this week. The fire emergencies that first erupted two weeks ago in two states have spread across the country, worsened by dust storms, asthma alerts and electricity blackouts.

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Racism is Australian

Why is society so racist?

Slavery, while intensely profitable for the bourgeoisie, ran counter to capitalism’s ostensible ideology: liberté, égalité, fraternité. A resolution to this contradiction was needed, and came about in the concept of race

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