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Freedom Rider: The Truth About Defunding Police

Freedom Rider: The truth about defunding police

“Defunding” the police has often turned out to be an accounting trick, but community control of police – a righteous demand – must also ensure that all government functions address human needs. One year ago, thousands of people engaged in protest in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer. A persistent protest […]

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Decolonization and Communism

Decolonization and communism

While the turn towards analyzing ongoing settler-colonialism has finally reached the mainstream of North American political discussions, there is still a lack of popular understanding of the issues involved.

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A women’s volunteer brigade organizes mutual aid in Kerala, India.

India’s COVID-19 crisis: A call for people’s unity

At the height of India’s COVID-19 crisis, some Chinese netizens saw retribution for the Modi government’s aggressive posture towards China. In this essay, Chinese blogger 红色卫士 (Red Defender) instead insists on internationalist solidarity and a distinction between the right-wing Modi government and the working class and low-caste peoples who suffer the most under his regime.

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Dee Dee Watters took over as publisher of TransGriot last fall and has been searching for an editor to carry on her friend Monica Roberts legacy. (Photo: Fajar Hassan)

The next trans griot

Few publications covered Black trans communities. After the death of Monica Roberts, TransGriot’s founder, the people she empowered grieve and begin to chart a new era.

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