Hugo Chávez Addresses the Nation


Havana, Cuba, 30 June 2011

Now, in this new moment of difficulties, especially since Fidel Castro himself, the very man of the Moncada Barracks, of Granma, and of Sierra Maestra, the eternal giant, came to tell me the hard news of cancer, I began to ask my Lord Jesus, the God of my parents, as Simón Bolívar would say, the mantle of the Virgin, as my mother Elena would say, the spirits of the savanna, as Florentino Coronado would say, to give me an opportunity to speak to you.  Not from another abysmal path, not from a dark cave or a starless night.  Now I wanted to speak to you from an ascending path, where I feel I’m already leaving the abyss behind.  Now I wanted to speak in the sunlight of the dawn shining on me.  I believe we have achieved it, thanks to my God.  And, finally, my dear countrymen and countrywomen, my beloved sons and daughters, my beloved compañeros, youth, children of my people, my always brave soldiers, my battle-hardened workers, my dear patriotic women, my beloved people, each and every one of you in my heart, I say to you that my desire to speak to you today about my climbing up the path to return has nothing to do with myself now, but with you, patriotic people, good people, you.  I didn’t want you to follow me down the paths toward an abyss.  I invite you to keep conquering new summits together, “with acerolas in the hill and a beautiful song to sing,” as our beloved Alí Primera, the singer of the people, keeps singing for us from eternity.  Let us go, then.  Let us go on, with our Father Bolívar in the vanguard, climbing up to the top of the Chimborazo.  Thank you, my god!  Thank you, my people!  Thank you, my life!  ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!  We will win!

Hugo Chávez is the president of Venezuela.  The text above is a partial translation of Hugo Chávez’s address to the nation.  Cf. “Mensaje a la nación del Presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez” (TeleSur, 1 July 2011); “Pueblo venezolano manifiesta su apoyo a Hugo Chávez” (TeleSur, 1 July 2011); “Sectores populares venezolanos en apoyo a Chávez” (TeleSur, 1 July 2011); “Pueblo venezolano sale a las calles en apoyo a Chávez” (TeleSur, 1 July 2011).

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