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  • Abolitionist agroecology, food sovereignty and pandemic prevention by Maywa Montenegro de Wit

    Abolitionist Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, and Pandemic Prevention

    COVID-19 and other zoonotic outbreaks such as Ebola are illustrative of the complex interactions between deforestation, biodiversity loss, ecosystem destruction, and human health and safety.

  • The Revolutionary Meaning of the George Floyd Uprising Shemon Salam & Arturo Castillon

    The Revolutionary Meaning of the George Floyd Uprising

    At least 28 people died in the wave of social unrest that rocked the United States from late May until late July in 2020. In this 10-week period, there were 574 riots; 624 arsons; 2,382 incidents of looting; 97 police vehicles set on fire; and 16,241 people arrested for protest-related activities.

  • Class, gender, race & colonialism: The ‘intersectionality’ of Marx by Kevin B. Anderson

    Class, Gender, Race & Colonialism: The ‘Intersectionality’ of Marx

    It is important to see both Marx’s brilliant generalisations about capitalist society and the very concrete ways in which he examined not only class, but also gender, race, and colonialism, and what today would be called the intersectionality of all of these. His underlying revolutionary humanism was the enemy of all forms of abstraction that denied the variety and multiplicity of human experience. For these reasons, no thinker speaks to us today with such force and clarity.

  • Struggling to Improve Our Key Problems by Confronting and Moving Beyond Capitalism

    Rinky-Dink Revolution

    During this fierce period of history, many people want clarity and leadership in suggesting concrete steps toward ending the daily oppressions of capitalism. We seek a path leading to a post-capitalist society that aims not to destroy mother earth, humanity, and other life forms. If that doesn’t happen, we face an ongoing transition to fascism and an accelerating environmental catastrophe.