The Libyan Example


Many countries, Iran and North Korea are among them, told us it was our mistake to give up, to have stopped developing long-range missiles and to become friendly with the West.  Our example means one should never trust the West and should always be on alert — for them it is fine to change their mind overnight and start bombing Libya.

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Iran’s Underground Missile Silos

Iran’s Surface-to-Surface Missiles

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is the second son of Muammar Gaddafi.  The text above is an excerpt from Russia Today‘s interview with him on 1 July 2011.  Cf. Mark Pyruz, “Great Prophet 6 Maneuvers (1) — Silo Missile Launch” (Uskowi on Iran, 27 June 2011); Mark Pyruz, “Great Prophet 6 Maneuvers (2)” (Uskowi on Iran, 28 June 2011); Mark Pyruz, “Great Prophet 6 Maneuvers (3) — Ghadir Radar” (Uskowi on Iran, 30 June 2011); “Mother of All Conclusions: ‘Israel’s Capacity & Will to Attack Iran Independently Has Been Significantly Reduced!'” (Friday Lunch Club, 29 June 2011).

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