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Social class is a social ranking. Your social class is often determined by how much money make, but it can also be determined by how you dress, ...

The new class-blindness

Legal advocates have scored some major class-related victories in 2018. In January, an appellate court held that the administration of California’s money bail system violated the Fourteenth Amendment rights of indigent defendants.

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Samir Amín Foto-

Boldness in the Marxist thinking of Samir Amín

The great social thinker, Samir Amin, has died. The social sciences have lost three unique figures in this year. First, the Brazilian Theotonio dos Santos, who inspired many to study the world system from a radical perspective. He was followed by the Peruvian Aníbal Quijano, who posed the concept of “cultural revolution” to give the […]

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For Greenhouse Gases, Half is Not Good Enough

For greenhouse gases, half is not good enough

Although a truth of science is not equivalent to the consensus of scientists, neither historically nor now, there are times when scientific facts (or truths) are of such compelling importance that a near consensus of scientific practitioners ought to be regarded as fact. Yes, when I began smoking cigarettes at age fifteen there was something […]

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