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Decolonization and Communism

Decolonization and communism

While the turn towards analyzing ongoing settler-colonialism has finally reached the mainstream of North American political discussions, there is still a lack of popular understanding of the issues involved.

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From Post-Marxism back to Marxism?

From post-Marxism back to Marxism?

The catastrophe of the Great War, along with the Russian Revolution of 1917, led to a “second foundation” of Marxism. This was both political, with the birth of the Third International, and theoretical: as Lenin notably said reading Hegel’s Science of Logic in the summer 1914, since no Marxist had seriously engaged with the Logic […]

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The Plan for Financial Sovereignty

African financial independence is a threat to imperialism

African leaders had come to recognize the various factors that hinder the continent’s development and seriously jeopardize the future of its peoples. The Abuja Treaty was put in place to increase economic self-reliance, promote self-sustained development, and raise the living standard of African peoples.

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Nicaragua's green revolution has not only seen investment in renewable sources of energy but it has also brought electrical power to areas that did not have access before. Photo: ENATREL

Nicaragua’s green revolution

While large polluting countries have refused to take necessary measures to slow the climate crisis, Nicaragua, one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, has taken impressive steps to shift to more sustainable energy.

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A women’s volunteer brigade organizes mutual aid in Kerala, India.

India’s COVID-19 crisis: A call for people’s unity

At the height of India’s COVID-19 crisis, some Chinese netizens saw retribution for the Modi government’s aggressive posture towards China. In this essay, Chinese blogger 红色卫士 (Red Defender) instead insists on internationalist solidarity and a distinction between the right-wing Modi government and the working class and low-caste peoples who suffer the most under his regime.

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