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Soviet Jews "Stand With Israel Forever"

Soviet Jews “stand with Israel forever”

This is what happens when a whole group of people gets converted to ethno-nationalism, which has become a kind of secular religion for them—a belief system predicated on messianic ethnic cleansing and blood-and-soil thinking. Most of my old Soviet immigrant friends aren’t religious, but Zionism fills in that gap for them.

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Still from The Rifleman, courtesy of Sierra Pettengill and Field of Vision

How the modern NRA was born at the border

Watch our release of documentary short The Rifleman, which examines how NRA head Harlon Carter fused gun rights, immigration enforcement, and white supremacy. Then read an interview with filmmaker Sierra Pettengill and historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

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Sweden's hands-off coronavirus model has failed

Sweden’s hands-off coronavirus model has failed

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell explained—in a now removed article in Dagens Industri, a Stockholm-based financial newspaper—that the country’s strategy to contain the virus would not “compromise our social functioning in a way that is more detrimental to any profits”.

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