• | Sheinbaum | MR Online

    New president in Mexico to accelerate the energy transition

    Claudia Sheinbaum’s resounding victory in Mexico’s presidential election on June 2nd, 2024, has been welcomed by two of the country’s main energy unions, UNTyPP and SME.

  • | Amazon | MR Online

    A generational challenge: Taming Amazon, renewing labour

    As the Occupy protests of 2011 exhausted themselves, a dramatic turn from protests to politics surfaced.

  • | Israel State of Denial | MR Online

    Israel: State of denial

    The lies. The packs of lies–deliberate, filthy, and deadly.

  • | Labor statements in opposition to the war were initially issued by left wing unions like the United Electrical Workers and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union | MR Online

    From World War II to Gaza: U.S. Labour opposition to war and fascism

    To understand the growing support within union ranks for an end to unconditional U.S. military and financial support for Israel in its conduct of a brutal war, it is important to look back at the legacy to which the UAW statements refer.

  • | Stand up to the Israel Lobby | MR Online

    Stand up to the Israel Lobby: An open letter to the B.C. NDP

    In February, former BC cabinet minister Selina Robinson was forced to resign because of her bigoted comments about Palestinians.

  • | U of T | MR Online

    Instead of ‘civil discourse’ we have civil terror

    Last week, the CBC ran an interview on its flagship program, The Current, with Randy Boyagoda, a professor at the University of Toronto (U of T). Dr Boyagoda is neither Jewish nor Palestinian. He is an English scholar with several novels and critical essays under his belt.

  • | Tipping Point for Advanced Capitalism Class Class Consciousness and Activism in the Knowledge Economy | MR Online

    Class Leaders and ‘Tipping Point for Advanced Capitalism’

    The basic aim of ‘Tipping Point for Advanced Capitalism: Class, Class Consciousness and Activism in the “Knowledge Economy”’ is to bring class back into thinking about capitalism and alternatives.

  • | Frantz Fanon | MR Online

    Decolonising development with Frantz Fanon

    The great cultural theorist Stuart Hall called Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth “the bible of decolonisation” as it encapsulated the urge for freedom across the colonial world. Fanon illuminates how racism represented an organising principle for capitalist classes by systematically devaluing the lives of the majority of the world’s population.

  • | Rent Control | MR Online

    The landlords’ anti-rent-control argument is pure BS

    Setting limits on how much landlords can increase rents, as Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s legislation would do the moment the unjust state rent control ban is lifted, is a commonsense response to this sick profiteering.

  • | Higher Temperatures and Droughts | MR Online

    The eco collapse we were warned about has begun

    This accumulation of tragic evidence, against all the denialist narratives, makes it undeniable that the climate crisis is already here, among us.

  • | Thicker Than Water The Quest for Solutions to the Plastic Crisis by Erica Cirino Island Press 2021 | MR Online

    Nanoplastics are entering our bodies

    The air is plasticized, and we are no better protected from it outdoors than indoors.

  • | War is Hell Cartoon | MR Online

    European parliament to join the militarisation path

    Whoever wants to wage war must have ammunition, bullets, shells, and missiles. Ukraine would use some 7,000 every day, while for Russia it would be about 50,000. So European ‘solidarity’ means ammunition for Ukraine.

  • | Nakba is More Than One Day | MR Online

    Nakba at 75

    The Nakba, “catastrophe” in Arabic, refers to Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which includes the expulsion and subsequent displacement of Palestinians, the destruction of Palestinian towns and villages, and other attempts to eradicate the Palestinian people from their ancestral homeland in the territory that became the State of Israel.

  • | Climate emergency | MR Online

    Call for a Fossil Fuel non-proliferation treaty

    The scientific consensus is clear that human activities are primarily responsible for global climate change, and that the climate crisis now represents the greatest threat to human civilization and nature.

  • | Supporters of President Nicolás Maduro participate in a rally in Caracas in support of the national Constituent Assembly | MR Online

    The crisis in Venezuela and the left

    The media keep silent about the violence of the Venezuelan opposition and the prevailing repression by the right-wing governments of Latin America. The Right’s strategy of an institutional coup faces serious limits, but the Left must address this new threat, supporting anti-imperialist decisions and making a distinction between the capitalist boycott and the government’s ineffectiveness.

  • | Militant particularism and ecosocialism | MR Online

    Militant particularism and ecosocialism

    Marx showed how history was materially transformed through a series of contradictions toward greater complexity, but held out the promise of one particular class representing the universal interests of humanity, if activated within objective conditions by political agency. The problem today is that cyclical and conjunctural crises that have propelled capitalism to hegemonic global reach and to the point of near absolute structural crisis have also eliminated resistance in the form of a consequential collective agent that would avert ecological collapse.