At last, you can now have your own Deluxe 2006 Edition of Iraqopoly!

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“Iraqopoly: The Deluxe 2006 Stay the Course Edition” Rules:
There Are No Rules — Only Ideology
Get to Baghdad, and then Spin for an Exit Strategy.

Bush Makes Axis of Evil Speech — Coalition Advances 1
Red Cross Attacked, Leaves Iraq — Coalition Retreats 3
Halliburton Wins No Bid Contracts — All Retreat 2
David Kay: “No Weapons of Mass Destruction” — Coalition Retreats 3
Abu Ghraib Torture Photos Released — Go to Jail, Lose 3 Turns

Limited edition of 50, four-color screenprint, size 20 1/2″ x 28 1/2″, on Lenox paper 22″ x 30″.
$50.00 plus sales tax (in California $54.13) plus $5 for shipping and handling (shipped rolled in a tube).
Send check or money order to

Art Hazelwood
PMB# 302
298 Fourth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118