Constituent Assembly Now!


Yesterday’s so-called royal proclamation does not have any worth and significance other than fulfilling feudal arrogance and underrating the great Nepalese sea of the masses, which, chanting slogans of constituent assembly and republic, is flowing into the streets to give a new direction to the world by creative application of people’s revolution in the twenty-first century.  Soon after the so-called royal proclamation since yesterday evening, the Nepalese people, expressing hatred, rage and disapproval to it have already divulged their understanding and initiative against the feudal conspiracy all across the country.  Our party, honoring highly the Nepalese people’s great initiative, scornfully rejects the conspiratorial proclamation of feudal elements and expresses determination to persevere with the movement till the Nepalese people’s sovereign right has been guaranteed by way of unconditional constituent assembly election, as a minimum basis.

Emotionally charged sea of the masses in the streets manifests that the liberation forever from the feudal monarchy, which has been betraying since the past 250 years in general and 56 years in particular, is the earnest and deep aspiration of the Nepalese people.  Our party appeals the seven political parties, civil societies and the intelligentsia to be united under a single political slogan of institutionalizing democratic republic, the great synthesis of positive and negative experiences of history, by means of unconditional constituent assembly to make the initiative of the masses of all class, level and strata in the streets reach to a success.  Assuring our party’s preparedness to develop the third qualitative understanding at the earliest so as to make this great mass movement, which has been raised upon the foundation of the 12-point understanding reached between seven political parties and the CPN (Maoist), attain its goal of democracy, peace and progress, we heartily appeal others to take concrete initiative for this.

In the historic period of today, when people’s republican movement has been marching towards its climax, our party again appeals specially the soldiers of “royal” army and police to display real patriotism by standing on the side of the people and against the national traitor & feudal butcher.  The feudal butcher’s defeat and people’s victory is imminent and assured.

April 22, 2006

CPN (Maoist)