The United States, Europe, and human rights

The discredited way in which the European Union suspended its sanctions on Cuba on June 19 has been reported in 16 international press dispatches. It has absolutely no economic effect on our country. On the contrary, the United States’ extraterritorial laws and, thus, its economic and financial blockade are still fully in effect.

At my age and with my state of health, one cannot be sure of the time one has left to live. Nevertheless, I want to express my contempt towards the immense hypocrisy of that decision. Such hypocrisy is made all the more evident by the brutal European measure to expel illegal immigrants from Latin American countries, some of which have populations which, in their majority, are of European origin. Immigrants are also the fruit of colonial, semi-colonial and capitalist exploitation.

In the name of human rights, Cuba is asked to grant impunity to those who would bind the feet and hands of the homeland and its people and hand them over to imperialism.

Even Mexican authorities have to admit that the Miami-based mob, at the service of the U.S. government, used force to snatch from the hands of an important contingent of migratory agents, or bought, dozens of illegal immigrants who had been arrested in Quintana Roo, including innocent children transported by force across risk-laden seas and mothers obliged to emigrate. Traffickers of human beings, like drug traffickers, who take advantage of the largest and most coveted of the world’s markets, have undermined the authority and moral statute needed by any government to lead the State, spilling Latin American blood everywhere, to say nothing of those who die trying to emigrate by climbing over the humiliating border wall erected over what was once Mexican territory.

The food and energy crises, climate change and inflation are scourging the world’s nations. As political helplessness prevails, ignorance and illusions tend to flourish. Not one of these governments, let alone those of the Czech Republic and Sweden, which were firmly opposed to the European Union“s decision, was able to give coherent answers to the questions that have been put on the table.

All the while, in Cuba, the mercenaries and traitors at the empire’s service are at their wit’s end and throw up their hands in horror in defense of the rights to treachery and impunity.

I have many more things to say, but let this suffice for today. It is not my intention to trouble others with these words, but, as I am alive, I continue to think about these things.

I shall publish this reflection on the Internet only, today, June 20, 2008.

Fidel Castro
June 20, 2008