Machiavelli’s Strategy

Raul was right to keep dignified silence over the statements published last Monday, July 21st, by Izvestia on the eventual installation of strategic Russian fighter-planes bases in our country. The news came up from a certain hypothesis elaborated in Russia associated with the Yankees obstinacy in setting up radars and launching pads for their nuclear shield close to the borders of that great power.

Yesterday, July 22nd, General Norton Schwartz, recently appointed U.S. new Air Force Chief of Staff, said at the Senate that if Russia did that it would be crossing the red line, something inadmissible to the United States security.

If you say yes I’ll kill you. If you say no I’ll do too; I’ll kill you anyway. It is Machavelli’s strategy applied to Cuba by the empire. No need for explanations, excuses or pardon.

In these times of genocide nerves of steel are much needed, and Cuba has them. The imperialists know it. On Saturday July 26th it will be 55 years since we have been restlessly fighting; there can be no better tribute to those fallen in action, those who perished later without ever abandoning their principles and those who keep on fighting. They are the symbol of a whole generation who put up a fight and it is only fair that our people rejoice in their memory.

Fidel Castro Ruz
July 23, 2008