Fidel Castro Book Values Principles

| La Paz en Colombia | MR OnlineFidel Castro’s book “La Paz en Colombia” (Peace in Colombia), launched in this capital Wednesday, proclaims Cuba and its leader’s attachment to ethics and principles to politically solve the conflict in that nation.

The 265-page volume containing unpublished documents and stories of the author’s historic link with the Colombian people, reality and struggle ratifies the Cuban position to find a negotiated solution to the long armed conflict.

“The most important thing is it reflects Cuba’s battle for Colombian peace,” Jose Arbesu, chief of the Americas department at the island’s Communist Party Central Committee and actor in important incidents related in the book, said in the launching ceremony.

Cuba has never sent weapons or financed guerrilla fighters and their performance was only based on humanitarian criterion, the publication stated.

Other fundamental elements were stressed by Culture Minister Abel Prieto, who referred to what he called US imperialism’s diabolic pact that marked Colombia in its desire of using it in its plans for continental domination.

Fidel Castro’s testimony refers to the Cuban support against war and for peace, against death and for life and makes a respectful analysis to recently deceased Manuel Marulanda, chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Prieto said.

Cuban political leaders, national and foreign journalists, students, diplomats and workers from several organizations attended the activity.