The meeting with Cristina

The conversation lasted 40 minutes, the exchange of ideas was as intense and interesting as I had expected. She is a person of profound convictions. There were no disagreements.

When she spoke at the University of Havana’s Aula Magna, she swiftly replied to the students’ questions, demonstrating talent and an ability to respond.

The encounter at the Latin American School of Medicine was emotive; the songs of the campesino students of Guaraní origin, with typical music and instruments from that ethnic group, gave the event a special tone. They presented her with a white coat and she put it on over her orange trouser suit.

She left ELAM to come and converse with me.

Discussing the United States, I mentioned the historic importance for Cuba of 12.00 p.m. the previous day, the fact that 10 U.S. presidents had been sworn in over the past 50 years and that, despite that country’s immense power, they have been unable to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

I said that, on a personal level, I did not harbor the slightest doubt over the honesty with which Obama, the eleventh president since January 1, 1959, expressed his ideas but, despite his noble intentions, there are still many individuals to whom he will have to respond. By way of example, I wondered: ‘how can such a wasteful and materialistic system par excellence protect the environment?’

We discussed many other aspects of the national and international policies of Cuba and Argentina.

Argentina’s ability to produce food and industrial products using advanced technology are decisive factors in the country’s development. She mentioned the capacity of computer engineering in relation to trading on the international market, in countries such as India, of much interest to her, and which is very strong in terms of creating programs.

Cristina likes to dedicate herself and all her time to work. Nevertheless, she protects her personal rights when traveling to another country by insisting on a number of hours for physical exercise and adaptation, something which everyone respects.

Fidel Castro Ruz
January 21, 2009
6.30 p.m.