Israel: The Left vs. the New Left


Hadash released a great set of four election commercials today, which feature conversations between a supporter of Meretz and a supporter of Hadash, “The Left vs. the New Left.”  You can see the clips here.

My favorite is the one on the Gaza war, which you can watch here in Hebrew.  The Leftie stutters throughout, recites slogans, is for the fighting but against the war, etc.  At one point, the Leftie goes quiet (“we can’t talk while the army is on an operation”) and then receives permission — from Amos Oz — to speak again.  By this time he is ready to move on to another subject. . . .

Jeremiah (Jerry) Haber is the nom de plume of an orthodox Jewish studies professor who divides his time between Israel and the United States.  This piece first appeared as an entry in Haber’s blog The Magnes Zionist on 3 February 2009, and it is reproduced here for educational purposes.  With Richard Silverstein (of the Tikun Olam blog), Haber is seeking to promote an American Jewish statement of opposition to Israeli policy in Gaza — “We Shall Not Be Party to Their Counsel”  — by taking out ads in the Hebrew edition of Haaretz and The Forward.  Click here to make donations to help Haber and Silverstein in this endeavor.