Venezuela: The Coup of 11 April 2002, in Images


VTV’s “La Hojilla” program’s production team republished the images of the coup d’état of 11 April 2002, which kidnapped President Hugo Chávez and trampled on the Constitution and the rights of the Venezuelan people for 48 hours.

After seven years, now that justice is beginning to be done in the cases of the massacre of nineteen people, crimes of high treason, and countless acts of violation and persecution that were committed in just two days against the Bolivarian leaders and even diplomatic legations such as the Cuban embassy, the opposition wants to pass off the murderers as victims.

So, keeping alive the memory of what really happened, of the protagonists of the coup, of the victims, and of thousands of anonymous heroes and heroines who contributed to the restoration of constitutional legality and put an end to the bloody persecution which had already begun is the duty of every Venezuelan man and woman.

Let us not forget that the very people who trapped the Venezuelan people in the 11 April coup and destabilized them for months are the ones who are now even denying that there was a coup d’état and are claiming that they are “politically persecuted.”

In case the memory fades, here are the images. . . .

The original article “El golpe de Estado del 11 de Abril, en imágenes” was published by YVKE Mundial on 10 April 2009.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]