Mexican Human Rights Organizations Speak Out against US Militarization of Mexico


On May 6, 67 Mexican human rights organizations (all non-governmental organizations) along with several other Mexican organizations and individuals, made a call to end US support to the Mexican military in the war on drugs.

The letter came after the approval of the 2009 installment of the controversial three-year Merida initiative which provides US funds to aid Mexican president Felipe Calderón’s war on drugs and as new talks begin in Congress to nearly double those funds through the FY09 Appropriations Supplemental Request.  The signatories cite the major human rights violations perpetrated by the Mexican military as it has taken on the drug cartels, a role that is normally performed by the police forces.

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Monica Wooters (monica(a) is Program Associate at the Americas Policy Program ( in Mexico City.  This article (originally titled “Mexican Civil Society and NGOs Speak Out Against US Militarization”) was distributed by the Americas Policy Program’s mailing list, and it is reproduced here for educational purposes.