Letter to the People of Israel


August 8, 2009

When your government denied us our rights, many ordinary Israelis did not look away.  Instead they stood with us.  They showed us that Israelis are able to look past our differences and stand up for what is right.

I call on the Israeli people once again to help.

Early on Sunday, more than 500 armed police smashed our windows, barged into our house and threw us out.  They say we live in the house illegally, but immediately after we were forced out, extremist settlers took over and occupied our home.  They are still there now.

My wife, children and I have spent the past seven days and nights in the streets, and there is no end for us in sight.  Overnight, we were made homeless.  I hope you can help us seek the justice denied to us.

Israel calls itself a democracy.  If so, the government is answerable to you, the Israeli people.

My family’s situation is not an isolated case.  Stories like ours are being played out all the time in Jerusalem and will continue.  It is being perpetuated by the government of Israel in your name, in the name of the Israeli people, against UN resolutions and international law.

Please, stand with us again in our time of need, and help my family and I and those like us, to get our homes back.

We need your support.  With each new day spent in the streets, our time is running out.  Please stop them from abusing us in Sheikh Jarrah in your name.

Maher Hannoun,
Sheikh Jarrah,

* * *

If evicting ordinary people and taking over their homes on the basis of race is NOT what you voted for the government that represents you to do, demand that they stop.

Please pass this message along, and come visit us in Sheikh Jarrah to hear our story.


Event: A candlelight vigil for the Hannouns
When: Monday, August 10, 2009, 20:00
Where: On the sidewalk where they have been camping.

Come join us.  Call your friends.  Bring a candle.  The Hannouns need your support.

For more information, please go to www.standupforjerusalem.org.  If you cannot come, sign the petition to show your support online instead!


It’s easy.

To get here from the old city, exit DAMASCUS GATE and go down NABLUS ROAD.  Keep following this road till you pass the AMERICAN COLONY HOTEL.  You will see a mosque.  Keep walking down this road and turn RIGHT when you see a sign for “SHIMON HASIDIK TOMB”.  The vigil will be at the end of the road on the right.

For more information, please call +972 (0)505 277896 or go to <www.standupforjerusalem.org>.