Open Letter to Iranian Authorities and World Community


As members of the Board of Iranians For Peace (IFP), we are deeply concerned about the events following June 12 election in Iran particularly the street violence, loss of life, and widespread arrests.  One of the detainees, Dr Bijan Khajehpour Khoei, is a supporter of the IFP.

We appeal to the Iranian authorities to help resolve the current crisis by promoting dialogue through reconciliation, respect for human life, and seeking consensus based on the aspirations of the Iranian people.  If not healed, the current conflict could cause a rift in the Iranian society leaving the country vulnerable to serious destabilizing threats.

We also appeal to the Iranian authorities for the immediate release of Dr Khajehpour Khoei and all those detainees who are not in violation of Iranian laws.  Respect for the constitution and acknowledging peaceful expressions of grievance can only promote justice and strengthen the country.

Last but not least, we consider the current conflict an internal matter to be resolved by Iranians in an environment free of outside threats.  For this reason, we call on the United Nations for the removal of all existing sanctions on Iran and for imposition of no further sanctions.  Similarly, any threat of military intervention by Israel or any other country is unjustified and should be condemned by the world community.

We look forward to a speedy resolution of these conflicts allowing Iran to continue its strong and peaceful presence in the region and the world.

Dr. Akbar Etemad, Honorary Co-Chair
Dr. Fatemeh Keshavarz, Honorary Co-Chair
Golriz Kolahi (Coordinator)
Haleh Karimi
Sahba Lajevardi
Sara Ruebelt
Safa Shoaee
Leila Zand

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