Iran: For Human Rights, Against Intervention


“No matter where we come from, there should never be any support for the US or any outside forces intervening in any country, particularly in Iran.  There should be no sanctions.  Not only sanctions are not humane but are not effective even, for the purpose of people who are doing them. . . . I want us to start thinking: how are we going to talk against intervention, talk against sanctions, talk against invasion, talk against any interference in the affairs of Iran, but at the same time protect Iranians’ human rights?” — Manijeh Saba

* * *

Listen to Manijeh Saba’s talk at the 2009 Left Forum:

Manijeh Saba is an Iranian human rights and women’s rights activist.  She was a member of the CodePink delegation to Gaza in June 2009.  This talk was given at the Stop War on Iran forum, 1 August 2009.