The World Government, Part 1

In a recent reflection I wrote a couple of days ago -on August 15- in referring to an article published by the Cuban journalist Randy Alonso, the host of the national TV program “The Round Table,” about a meeting that was held at Dolce Hotel in Barcelona whose aim was to discuss what he describes as ‘World Government,’ I wrote: “…other honest writers were following the news that managed to leak out from the strange encounter. Someone much more informed than they has been on the trail of these events for many years.”

I was referring to writer Daniel Estulin. A total of 475 pages, 20 lines each, would be awaiting my review of the fantastic story narrated by the aforementioned author if any of the participants in that meeting dared to deny its presence there of its participation in the events described in the book.

The most that could fit in this Reflection -which I will divide into two Parts, so that it is not too long- are a number of paragraphs that I selected, which give an idea of the fabulous book entitled “Los secretos del Club Bilderberg” (The secrets of the Bilderberg Club). In that book, Estulin tore the big gurus to shreds: Henry Kissinger, George Osborne, the executives of Goldman Sachs, Robert Zoellic, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Pascal Lamy, Jean Claude Trichet, Ana Patricia Botin, the chairpersons of Coca Cola, France Telecom, Telefonica de España, Suez, Siemens, Shell, British Petroleum, and other similar politicians and financial tycoons.

Estulin starts by the roots:

“For an unprecedented two Sundays in a row, on the Ed Sullivan Show – as was narrated by Donald Phau in his article The Satanic Roots of Rock-,over 75 million Americans watched the Beatles shake their heads and sway their bodies in a ritual which was soon to be replicated by hundreds of future rock groups.”

“The man in charge of making Americans ‘like’ The Beatles was Walter Lippmann himself. The Beatles, the most parodied group whose songs have had the highest number of versions in the history of music, were placed before the American audience so that they could be discovered.”

The title of one of the first epigraphs is “Entra Theo Adorno” (Theo Adorno Makes His Entrance).

“The responsibility of drawing up a social theory of rock-and-roll fell to the German sociologist, musicologist and composer Theodor Adorno, ‘one of the most important philosophers of Frankfurt’s Social Research School…’ Adorno was brought to the United States in 1939 to head the Princeton Radio Research Project whose aim was to control the masses. This project was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and founded by one of the men who David Rockefeller trusted: Hadley Cantril…”

“In fact, the Nazis had made an intensive use of radiophone propaganda as an instrument for brainwashing and had turned it into an integral part of the fascist regime. This was observed and studied by the Tavistock networks and it was widely used in all of their experiments. The aim of this project, as stated in Adorno’s ‘Introduction to the Sociology of Music,’ was to program a mass “musical” culture as a way to achieve mass social control…”

“‘Radio networks were converted into round-the-clock recycling machines that repeated the top forty hits.'”

“The Beatles came to the United States in February of 1964, when the civil rights movement was at its peak. The country was wracked by a profound national trauma and was recovering from the brutal assassination of President John F. Kennedy […] In the streets of the capital, the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King organized a demonstration that was attended by more than half a million persons.”

“Between 1964 and 1966 the so called British invasion led to the emergence of a number of British rock singers and groups that became popular in the United States and besieged the American culture. […] By the end on 1964 it was evidenced that this “British invasion” had been well planned and coordinated.

“‘These recently created groups as well as their living styles […] became a new very visible ‘type’ (according to the Tavistock jargon), and it was not long before the new styles in clothing, hairdos and the use o language started to draw millions of American youths into the new cult. The American youth suffered a radical revolution without even knowing it […] and reacted in a wrong way against the manifestations of that crisis by resorting to the consumption of drugs of every sort -first marihuana and later on lysergic acid (LSD), a powerful drug that altered the state of mind of persons.’ […] At the MI6 headquarters in London and in the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, it could be taken for granted that the British Intelligence and its subsidiary, the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS), were directly involved in a secret investigation to control human behavior. Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA when that agency began MK-Ultra, was the OSS station chief in Berne, Switzerland throughout the early Sandoz research.”

“…Both in the United States and in Europe the big outdoor rock concerts were used to stop the increasing discontent among the population.”

“The offensive launched by Bilderberg-Tavistock led a whole generation down the yellow brick road of LSD and marihuana…”

“Aldous Huxley makes his entrance”

“Aldous Huxley, the grandson of Thomas H. Huxley, the founder of the Rhodes Roundtable group and the famous and eloquent biologist who helped Charles Darwin develop the evolution theory, was the high priest of the British Opium War.”

“Toynbee, an Oxford graduate […] was the British delegate to the Peace Conference held in Paris in 1919…”

“‘His tutor in Oxford was H. G. Wells, the director of the British intelligence during the First World War and spiritual father of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Aldous Huxley was one of the initiates in the “Children of the Sun,’ a Dionysian cult joined by the children of the British Roundtable elite.’ His most famous novel “Brave New World” is a blueprint (ordered by several world councils) for an authentic future socialist world under a unique government or, as its Fabian mentor H. G. Wells described and used as a title of one of its popular novels, a blueprint for The New World Order…”

“In ‘Brave New World’ Huxley focused on the scientific method to keep all populations outside the minority elite under an almost permanent state of oppression and make them love their servitude. The main tools used to achieve that were some vaccines which altered the functions of the brain and the medicines that the State forced the population to consume. In Well’s opinion, this was not a conspiracy, but rather a ‘one-world brain’ which would function as a police of the mind.'”

“In 1937, Huxley moved to California where he worked as a script writer for MGM, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney, thanks to one of his contacts in Los Angeles: Jacob Zeitlin.” […] ‘Bugsy Siegel, the West Coast boss of the Meyer Lansky syndicate, was heavily involved in Warner Brothers and MGM.'”

“In fact, show business -production, distribution, marketing and publicity- are under the control of a mafia that results from the merging between organized crime and Wall Street high level con-men who are ultimately controlled by the all-mighty Bilderberg. Show business is designed like any other ‘business line’ run by Bilderberg and its henchmen.”

“Huxley at Work”

“In 1954, Huxley published an influential study about the expansion of consciousness using mescaline. The study was entitled ‘The Doors of Perception’ (1954), the first manifesto of the psychedelic drug cult.”

“In 1958 he gathered several essays he had written for ‘Newsday’ and published them under the title ‘Brave New World Revisited’ in which he described a society in which the ‘ruling class main objective was to prevent at any cost the governed from creating problems.'”

“He predicted that democracies would change their essence: the old and strange traditions -elections, parliaments, supreme courts of justice- shall prevail, but the substrate underneath would be that of a non-violent totalitarianism. […] Meanwhile, the ruling oligarchy and its well-trained elite of soldiers, police, and the manufacturers of ideas and manipulators of the mind would easily rule the world as they please. In fact, this description by Huxley perfectly fits in with the current situation.”

“On September 1960, Huxley was appointed visiting professor of the Centennial Carnegie at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. He was there only around one semester, after which he was fired. ‘During his stay in that city, Huxley created a circle at Harvard…'”

“The public theme discussed by that circle or seminar in Harvard was religion and its meaning in modern world. […] In an article published in the magazine ‘The Campaigner’ on April of 1974 […] Michael Minnicino asserts the following: ‘Huxley established contact during this Harvard period with the president of Sandoz, which at the time was working on a CIA contract to produce large quantities of LSD and psilocybin (another synthetic hallucinogenic drug) for MK-Ultra, the CIA’s official chemical warfare experiment.’ Human beings were used as guinea pigs for its often lethal experiments which, on many occasions, included the use of LSD. […] Besides, the McGill University in Montreal, Canada, a higher education institution linked to Bilderberg, also carried out some experiments in the 1960’s as part of the MK-Ultra program, which were sponsored by John Rees, a Tavistock degenerate fascist who used children from local orphanages, whom he tortured and later on administered several LSD doses. […] According to recently released CIA documents (thanks to the Freedom of Information Act), Allen Dulles purchased over 100 million doses of LSD — almost all of which flooded the streets of the United States during the late 1960s’, as stated by Minnicino in the aforementioned article.”

“‘Thousands of graduate students served as guinea pigs. Soon they were synthesizing their own ‘acid’.”

“‘…The overwhelming majority of anti-war protesters went into SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) on the basis of outrage at the developments in Vietnam. But once caught in the environment defined by the Tavistock Institute’s psychological warfare experts, and inundated with the message that hedonism and the defense of the country was a legitimate alternative to “immoral war,” their sense of values and their creative potential went up in a cloud of hashish smoke,’ writes the author in the aforementioned monograph.”

“Creating the Counterculture”

“The open cultural ‘warfare,’ although undeclared, against the American youth truly began in 1967, when the Bilderberg started to organize outdoor concerts to be able to pursue its objectives. By means of that secret weapon, they managed to draw more than four million youth into the so called ‘festivals.’ Without knowing it, youth became the victims of a perfectly planned experiment that involved the use of drugs on a large scale. Hallucinogenic drugs […] whose consumption was promoted by The Beatles […] were distributed for free in those concerts. It was not long before more than 50 million of those who attended those concerts (who were then between 10 to 25 years old) came back home transformed into messengers and promoters of a new drug culture or what turned out to be known as ‘The New Age.'”

“The biggest concert of all times, the outdoor ‘Woodstock Music and Art Fair,’ was described by ‘Time’ magazine as an ‘Aquarian festival’ and as ‘the biggest show in History.’ Woodstock became part of the cultural vocabulary of a whole generation.”

“According to journalist Donald Phau, ‘in Woodstock nearly half a million youth gathered to be drugged and brainwashed on a farm. The victims were isolated, immersed in filth, pumped with psychedelic drugs, and kept awake continuously for three straight days, and all with the full complicity of the FBI and government officials. Security for the concert was provided by a hippie commune trained in the mass distribution of LSD. Once again, it would be the networks of British military intelligence which would be ‘the initiators’ with the help of the CIA, through its former director William Casey and his contacts with Sefton Delmer, of the MI6, whose contact, Bruce Lockhardt, was the MI6 controller for Lenin and Trotsky during the Bolshevik Revolution.”

“Another decade was yet to pass by before the counterculture became part of the American vocabulary. But the seed of what was a titanic and secret project to turn US values upside down were planted then. Sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, big demonstrations all over the country, hippies, drug addicts who dropped from school, Nixon’s presidency and the Vietnam War were tearing up the very fabric of the American society. The old and the new were on a collision course and no one realized that this conflict was part of a secret social plan designed by some of the most brilliant and diabolic persons in the world…”

“The Aquarian Conspiracy”

” ‘In the spring of 1980 -as was written by Lyndon LaRouche in DOPE INC.-, a book called “The Aquarian Conspiracy” became famous (more than one million copies were sold and it was translated into ten different languages). It put itself forward as a manifesto of the counterculture.’ […] “The Aquarian Conspiracy” declared that it was time for the 15 million Americans involved in the counterculture to join in bringing about a radical change in the United States. In fact, this book was the first publication oriented to the bigger audience that bet on the teamwork concept -which was considered to be the most virtuous, and was quickly promoted by the management ‘gurus.'”

“The author, Marilyn Ferguson, stated that while she was outlining a book still untitled about the new emerging social alternatives, she thought about the peculiarities of this movement, its atypical leadership, the quiet intensity of its followers and its improbable successes.”

“In a conference in 1961, Aldous Huxley described this police state as ‘the ultimate revolution’: a ‘dictatorship without tears’ in which people love their servitude.'”

“Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security advisor, founder of the Trilateral Commission and member of the Bilderberg Club and the CFR expressed identical ideas in his fascinating book ‘Between Two Ages: America´s Role in the Technotronic Era’, written under the auspices of the Communism Research Institute of Columbia University and published by Viking Press in 1970.”

“Without relying on violent repression, they designed a complex set of actions in order to create a ‘peaceful citizen’ for the New World Order. […] They also supported new concepts such as ‘emotional intelligence’, which is the ability of loving oneself and relating appropriately to others. […] A third way to turn this ‘industrial citizen’ into a ‘peaceful citizen’ is a big marketing campaign to grant a huge social recognition to those who cooperate with the NGO´s, as I explained in my first book La verdadera historia del Club Bilderberg (The true story about he Bilderberg Club).”

According to Harmon:

“‘Once softened up [the United States] was now deemed ripe for the introduction of drugs (especially crack and heroin) and the beginning of an era which was to rival the prohibition in scope and the huge amounts of money to be made.'”

“It is worth mentioning that long fragments of the three thousand pages of the ‘recommendations’ given to the recently elected Ronald Reagan in January of 1981 by the CFR were based on excerpts from the report “The Changing Images of Man” by Willis Harmon.

“On December 8 of 1980, under a full moon night, John Lennon was shot dead by a man named Mark Chapman. It is quite unlikely that we could some day get to know whether Mark Chapman was a victim of an artificially induced model psychosis, a murderer like the ‘Manchu candidate’ sent by Tavistock, the CIA and the MI6 to silence Lennon, who turned out to be ever more difficult to control.”


“MTV: The perfect brainwashing machine.”

“MTV, the music television, makes its entrance.”

“MTV, a commercial TV channel specially for rock and music videos, which was invented and directed by Robert Pittman, aimed at the youth and teenagers, was founded on August 1 of 1981. Today it is part of the Viacom Empire (known as CBS Corporation, whose Chairman and Director-General, Sumner Redstone, is a full member of the CFR and whose media group is part of the Bilderberg Club). In order to reach out to the young people without the society being aware of the deceit, it was necessary to ‘create a counter-institution that would preach values contrary to those which prevailed in the society.’ That is precisely what MTV does. But for such an effort to be successful -according to L. Wolfe- it is necessary to neutralize the positive influence exerted by parents and the school, or at least to weaken such influence.”

“’The model for that [MTV] were the theatre shows put up by the pre-Nazi Richard Wagner, in which the audience was led into a sort of ecstasy that was later on deliberately used by the Nazis when organizing their own symbolic celebrations, such as the meetings in Nuremberg.’ The brainwash specialists who created MTV were very much aware of its effect. In a book written about that TV network, ‘Rocking Around the Clock’, it is stated that MTV ‘hypnotizes more than any other [TV network] because it is about a series of short texts that keep us in a continued state of emotion and expectation…We remain trapped by the continued hope that the next video would please us at last. Seduced by the promise of immediate satisfaction, we keep on consuming those short texts endlessly.’”

“During the four minutes any music video approximately lasts (the Tavistock scientists determined that four minutes was the maximum interval during which any involuntary subject was capable of receiving the messages contained in the very programs), ‘an artificial reality in the form of ‘counterpoints’ gets inserted into the human consciousness and replaces cognitive reality…’”

“According to Walter Lippmann, if persons meditate about this process, maybe it would come to an end’, but he concludes that the number of illiterate, weak, acute neurotic, undernourished and frustrated individuals is so big that there are enough reasons to believe more than we generally believe. Thus, the process is made available to people who, from a mental point o view, are either children or barbarians, whose lives are a complete mess, who prefer simple contents with great popular appeal…’ […] In his book ‘Crystallizing Public Opinion’, Edward Bernays stated that the average citizen was the most efficient censor in the world, and that his own mind was the biggest barrier that separates him from facts.”

“The audiences that suffer brainwashing only entertain the illusion that they still keep the ability to choose, just as much as drug addicts believe they can control their addiction, and not the other way around. Ann Kaplan said MTV has been designed thanks to an ever greater knowledge about the methods of psychological manipulation. […] The daily TV consumption average had increased non-stop since the invention of television. Therefore, by the midst the 1970’s it became the most time-consuming daily activity only second to sleep and work -almost six hours a day. Ever since then, after the creation of VCR´s, this figure has increased much more. School children spent almost as much time watching TV as they spent sleeping.”

“Emery said that according to the Freudian brainwashing terminology, persons watching a music video are under an induced state that is quite similar to sleeping. The reiterated appearance of colors and brilliant images that overwhelm sight help them go -or induce them- into that kind of state, while the pulsatile and vibrant rhythm of rock has a similar effect on the ears.’ This is not only the era of television; this is also an era conditioned by television. This is an era of uneasiness, discontent, and frustration, against no one and many at the same time -obviously in a context in which television is omnipresent.”

“The sinister cliques and the Bilderberg lobbyists, the clandestine spheres of influence and the conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits are the most recent expression of a deeper manipulation campaign to install a world government that knows no borders and is not accountable to anyone but its own self.”

“…the main successes sold at will to a demoralized population in favor of the fanatical fundamentalism of a group of men that is not accountable to anyone and hope to attain absolute power at the expense of the dignity of men of modern times, who have been denigrated, humiliated and despised by the combined powers of the Bilderberg-CFR-Tavistock manipulation and brainwashing apparatus and its team of scientists, psychologists, sociologists and scientists of the new science (New Age, Mysticism, among others), anthropologists and fascists determined to recreate a new Roman empire.

“First there were Edward Berneys and Walter Lippmann. Then there were Gallup and Yankelovich. Later it was Rees and Adorno, Aldous Huxley and H. G. Wells, Emery and Trist, followed by the drug culture and the Aquarian Conspiracy, an alleged ‘humanist’ ideal in favor of the old culture, peppered with a pinch of human freedom instead of what it really is: an intelligent way of degrading persons until they become mere farm animals, denying them the originality of human consciousness and the possibility for them to immediately understand each other anywhere without translation.”

“The New Age will be a Dark Age. It will mean the premature death of a little more than half of the population; that the biggest achievements of humankind will be deliberately consigned to oblivion. That is the totalitarian ideology promoted by the New World Order, determined to rule the world even over our dead bodies. […] Why is it worth defending our civilization? Why a system based on freedom is better than the tyrannies that today subdue much of our planet? To some, the answers to these questions are evident; but to many, they are not.”

“Chapter 3

“How and why did Bilderberg organize the war in Kosovo?”

“This time it was The Balkans turn. The ‘master plan’ was conceived during a meeting held in 1996 among the Bilderberg Club members in King City, a small and luxurious enclave some 20 kilometers far from the Canadian city of Toronto. […] The wars triggered by the members of the Bilderberg Club in Kosovo and the Balkans had a concrete purpose; drugs, oil, mineral resources and the advancement of the ‘global government’ cause.’”

“The United States and Germany had begun to support the secessionist forces in Yugoslavia after the collapse of Communism in the former Soviet Union when the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia refused to join the western countries’ orbit. John Pilger, a prize-winning Australian journalist devoted to investigating war conflicts wrote in ‘The New Statesman’ that ‘Milosevic was an ignorant and also a banker who was once considered an ally of the West, ready to implement ‘economic reforms’ according to the demands of the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union. He added that Milosevic, to his own disgrace, refused to give away his country´s sovereignty and that the empire did not expect less. According to the article written by Neil Clark, a journalist specialized in Middle East and Balkans affairs, at that moment, more than 700 000 Yugoslavian companies were collectively owned, and most were still controlled by the mixed committees made up by executives and workers, where only 5 per cent of the capital was private.”

“Sara Flounders, an activist and journalist very close to the Workers World Party, an international pacifist movement, wrote in an article that the credit conditions established by the IMF and the World Bank demand the disintegration of all public industries. She adds that this was the case for oil and natural gas in the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea, as well as in the diamond mines of Siberia. Sara states that whoever owns or has a dominant interest […] will be the one who will win the armed struggle that is being waged in Kosovo. She further added that NATO´s domination on the ground will place American companies in priority positions in terms of the ownership of those resources.”

“Originally, the Bilderberg members intended to ‘inflame’ the Serbs by chasing the war criminals they had sheltered and prosecuting them before a new International Court. The proud and experienced Serbs evaded this provocation by persuading the suspicious at the lowest level of the social scale to give in voluntarily. However, this was not enough. In order to infuriate the Serbs, the International Court of Justice at the Hague, controlled by the United States, resorted to secret renditions to incite war.”

“This could also explain why Richard Holbrooke, the US ambassador to the United Nations from 1999 to 2001, a member of Bilderberg and of the CFR and six times nominee to the Nobel Peace Prize, included a provision about Kosovo in the final agreement. What does Kosovo have to do with Bosnia? Nothing. But Holbrooke´s idea was to turn Bosnia into a testing ground for the future expansion of Bilderberg throughout the Balkans.”

“Looking for an excuse: William Walker makes his entrance”

“…according to John Laughland´s article ‘The Technique of a Coup d’État’, it was William Walker, member of the CFR and former ambassador to El Salvador, whose government was supported by the United States, the one who created the death squads. In 1985, Walker was assistant to the Undersecretary of State for Central America and a key operator in every attempt by the White House under Reagan to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who was assigned to the National Security Council staff during the early days of 1981 -and fired on November 25, 1986- was the Regan administration official who was most deeply involved in the secret aid to the contras thanks to the proceeds from the arms sales to Iran.”

“According to legal records, Walker was the one in charge of putting up a fake humanitarian operation in an air base in Ilopango, El Salvador, which was secretly used to provide arms, cocaine, ammunitions and supplies to the mercenary contras that attacked Nicaragua.”

“Walker, who had distributed arms among the contras in Nicaragua and had now become a peace observer, declared with full fanfare before the international press that the Serbian police was to blame for ‘the most horrendous” massacre he had ever seen. The Serbs, who had, until then, skillfully avoided the provocations by NATO and Bilderberg, had succumbed. The alleged ‘massacre’ became a pretext to launch an intervention. On January 30, the NATO Council authorized the bombing. And Bilderberg ordered its Secretary-General, Javier Solana, to use the armed force to bring pressure upon the Serbian delegates and the ethnic Albanians at the ‘peace’ negotiations in France and force them to discuss a framework for Kosovo´s autonomy.’”

“An article published by The Washington Post on August 4 quoted a high official of the US Defense Department who indicated that there was only one thing that could bring about a change of policy, and said that he thought that if certain levels of intolerable atrocities were achieved, that could probably be the detonator.”

“As a useful historical reference, it is worth remembering that the Serbs were victims of the worst ethnic cleansing, just as the 200 000 or more Serbs who were killed in the region of Krajina in Croatia during the ‘Storm’ Operation supported by the United States in 1995; or the 100 000 or more Serbs who were killed in Kosovo by the Kosovo Liberation Army after NATO´s bombings. Needless to say, the International Court of Justice at the Hague, the legal mechanism of the New World Order, has done nothing to prosecute the perpetrators of such an atrocity.”

“They must have known that. Otherwise, what would have made the Crown keep an army in that region where there was nothing of value, except for the profitable opium trade? It was too expensive to keep armed men in such far away country. His majesty must have wondered why those military units were there’ , as Dr. John Coleman wondered in  ‘Conspirator´s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300”

Under the epigraph:

“History of US involvement in drug trafficking.”

“Contrary to what History books have taught us for years, the nefarious drug trafficking is not an exclusive territory of the criminal stratum, unless we mean by criminal stratum some of the most important families in the history of the United States, known as the Eastern Liberal Establishment, whose members rule that country from the oligarchy and through a system of parallel government known as Bilderberg Club…”

“Kosovo and heroin

“Two journalists, Roger Boyes and Eske Wright, in an article published on March 24, 1999 by ‘The Times of London’ stated that Albania, which plays a fundamental role in the money transfers to the Kosovars, is at the epicenter of the European drug trafficking…”

“Albania has become the European capital of crime. The most powerful groups in the country are organized criminals that use Albania to farm, process and store much of the illegal drugs destined to Western Europe…”

To be continued tomorrow.

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