Am I Overdoing It?

After referring on August 17 and 18 to the book written by Daniel Estulin, which narrates, through undeniable facts, the horrible way in which the minds of American youth and children are distorted by the consumption of drugs and the influence of the media, in connivance with American and British intelligence agencies, in the final part of my last Reflection I expressed the following: “It is terrible to think that the intelligence and the feelings of children and youth in the United States could be mutilated in such a way.”

Yesterday, several news agencies were reporting the information contained in a study published by Beloit College with regard to some facts never seen before in the history of the United States and the world, associated to the knowledge and habits of American university students who will graduate in 2014.

Granma newspaper reported the news using an eloquent language:

  1. “They do not wear watches to check the time; instead they use their cell phones.
  2. “They believe Beethoven is a dog they saw in a film.”
  3. “They think Michael Angelo is a computer virus.”
  4. “They believe e-mail is ‘too slow’, used as they are to texting through sophisticated mobile phones.”
  5. “Very few of them can write cursive.”
  6. “They believe Czechoslovakia never existed.”
  7. “They think that American companies have always done business in Vietnam.”
  8. “They think that Korean cars have always been running in their country.”
  9. “They believe that the United States, Canada and Mexico have always been linked to each other by a Free Trade Agreement.”

I was stunned to realize to what extent education could be distorted and prostituted in a country with more than 8 000 nuclear weapons and the most powerful means of war in the whole world.

To think that there are still people in their right mind capable of believing that my warnings are exaggerated!

Fidel Castro Ruz
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August 19, 2010
11:13 a.m.

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