Madrid: Encampment to Continue at Puerta del Sol

22 May 2011

The General Assembly of the Sol Camp made a consensus decision at its meeting this morning to continue the encampment at Puerta del Sol, until, at least, Sunday, 29 May. None of the thousands of participants in the assembly opposed the idea.

Among diverse reasons to continue the encampment, the assembly participants highlight the need to spread the Sol Camp’s working model to all the neighborhoods of Madrid. The idea is to allow the citizens of this city to experience the system of direct participation that exists in Sol.

The definitive consensus was reached after the end of discussion of this agenda item at 2 PM today, so this decision will be final when the discussion minutes are published at

Rising Awareness of Citizenry

Let us remember that the General Assembly of the Sol Camp was born after the end of the 15 May 2011 demonstration.

In the first assembly, it was agreed to stay overnight at Puerta del Sol peacefully. Later, initial working committees were established, and the movement spread to other cities. The objective was to demand a new society which will put people before economic and political interests. In short, a change in society and its consciousness. Since then, more and more citizens have actively collaborated in this community.

According to one of the Sol Camp spokespeople: “Over the coming week, we’ll publish more details about how to export this way of working to all the neighborhoods of Madrid.”

Sol Camp

The original article “Acampada Sol continuará en la Puerta del Sol” was first published in Madrid #tomalaplaza on 22 May 2011.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]