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Is NATO now directing the war on Gaza

Originally published: Orinoco Tribune on October 31, 2023 by Fra Hughes (more by Orinoco Tribune)  | (Posted Nov 07, 2023)

As we witness daily the barbaric carpet bombing of Gaza by the Zionist apartheid regime, as the deaths and horrific injuries of civilian men women and children rise exponentially, who is behind this murderous campaign of genocidal ethnic cleansing.

Obviously it is the Zionist Israeli soldiers who are spearheading the near total destruction of Northern Gaza.

The continued pulverising of over 25,000 residential homes, the murder of 900 entire families and the ongoing targeting of hospitals, community centres, UN schools,now used as shelters for some of the 1 million plus displaced souls, the deliberate attacks on ambulances and rescue workers is at the hands of Netanyahu and his right wing fascist cabal of religious fundamentalists, quoting biblical threats to destroy all men women and children as enemies of Israel and to show no mercy, it is prudent to ask who are the other players in this macabre dance of death?

America has for decades tried to portray itself as an honest broker in an intractable conflict between Muslims and Jews, between Arab and Israeli.

With American naval battle groups now in the region,with credible reports that the American administration is not only rearming the Zionist regime in support of their efforts to ethnically cleanse Gaza of its Palestinian population, it now appears American planes are flying bombing sorties over Gaza, and have special forces boots on the ground .

14.6 billion dollars of war aid has been promised to Israel by the American administration, while the EU has suspended aid to the besieged Palestinian enclave.

In the west bank illegal Israeli settlers have increased their attacks upon rural isolated defenceless Palestinian villages,murdering farmers collecting their olive harvest and distributing leaflets stating, leave now while you can, as Death to Arabs graffiti appears near Palestinian towns, it is becoming obvious that a third wave of expulsions by the zionist regime against their neighbours is taking place following in the footsteps of 1948 and 1967.

An off duty Israeli soldier who is also an illegal settler was arrested in the westbank for the murder of a Palestinian man in front of his wife and two daughters who was simply tending to his olive Grove.The man was shot twice in the chest.

Less than 3% of all Israeli settler violence against Palestinians results in conviction

At Least 115 Palestinians have been murdered in the westbank since October 7 with two prisoners dying while under interrogation and over 1600 arrested.

America does not only give Israel political cover in the United Nations it is also continuing to supply weapons of mass destruction to the Zionist entity which is destroying Gaza from the land sea and air, America along with the British and the French appear to be playing a more active role in the conflict.

As NATO has already lost their proxy war against Russia in Donbas and the Crimea they are determined not to loose in Gaza.

This war of terror on the innocent is in my opinion now being directed by America and by extension other NATO members.

It is more about regaining its place as the world’s only superpower that they are encouraging the Israelis to continue their war on Gaza as an extension of American hegemonic foreign policy and as a veiled threat to any nation that considers joining the new fledgling multipolar world order.

They want to expel Gazans into the Sinai in Egypt and westbankers into Jordan to complete the Zionist dream of conquering all of Palestine by expelling its inhabitants.

Beware, Israel will not stop there as the illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan heights and Lebanese Sheba Farms is testament to the greater Israel project that covers lands much larger than that which they have stolen so far.

Palestinians will not go meekly into that goodnight.They will die before they allow another Naba to take place.

While parents write their children’s names on their bodies so they can be identified in the event of their being slaughtered by American munitions,while people collect body parts of the dismembered dead around the blast sites,we cannot for one minute imagine the fear and despair felt by 2.2 million people hopelessly corralled into an area 12 miles by 6.

Israel hopes to occupy Northern Gaza and then expel the refugees into Egypt.

It is a genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing which is supported unconditionally by NATO, the EU and America.

Britain created the problem with the secret Balfour Declaration of 1917, allowing for a Jewish state to be created in Palestine combined with the Sykes Picot agreement of 1916 that carved up the Ottoman Empire after the first World War to give imperialist colonial giants France and Britain the opportunity to exploit and militarily occupy West Asia.

Every death today in the region is at the hands of the British and French foreign policy to divide and conquer the region, a tactic subsequently employed by America in the last 40 years.

A younger Joe Biden when he was in full command of his faculties stated,

if Israel did not exist America would have to create it.

It is not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends that the Gazans may remember after the deluge, well those that are lucky enough to survive?

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