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Neoliberalism and Imperialism: Interview with Intan Suwandi

Recent cases of U.S. imperialism in Latin America, such as what happened in Bolivia, can serve as a striking example. International trade and financial institutions such as the Unholy Trinity (largely controlled by the North) also still play a major role in perpetuating imperialist relations between the South and the North.

Popular narrative culture: the haunted mirror of capitalism’s failing social contract

In the post-Christmas edition of the United Kingdom’s daily socialist newspaper the Morning Star, the editorial commented on the holiday television broadcast of the 1983 film Educating Rita. In it, author Jim Leman pointed out that the 1980s story of a mature working-class hairdresser attempting to enter university, encouraged by a benign academic on tenure, could not happen today. 

Dawn: Marxism and National Liberation

Only at the end of his life did Karl Marx leave the shores of Europe and travel to a country under colonial dominion. This was when he went to Algeria in 1882. ‘For Mussulmans, there is no such thing as subordination’, Marx wrote to his daughter Laura Lafargue.

Covid-19, climate change and the road not to be taken

Governments from diverse political dispositions have responded to the pandemic by arming themselves with unprecedented emergency powers. India offers a stunning example of how the pandemic can be recast as a security concern.