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Feeling the Hate in New York

Midtown Manhattan, 25 April 2010 Dov Hikind, NY State Assemblyman (D-Brooklyn): “From day one, this president proved that he was not Barack Obama, but Barack Hussein Obama.” Audience (carrying signs reading “Racism.  Sexism.  Apartheid.  Stop Shariah Islam” among other signs): “Boo!” Demonstrator: “He’s a Nazi!” * * * Demonstrator: “This government is pressuring Israel right […]

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Feeling the Hate in Tel Aviv

  “What do you have to say to the Iranian people?” “The Iranians are fucking assholes.  I hate them all.  They can go fuck themselves.” “What do you have to say to the Iranian people?” “I hate them.  I don’t like them.” “What do you think about Obama?” “Obama is a cooshi.” “What?” “He’s a […]

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Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem

  This video was brought online on 4 June 2009, to conincide with Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo on the same day.  According to Max Blumenthal, the video was censored by the Huffington Post: “Censored by the Huffington Post and Imprisoned by the Past: Why I Made ‘Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem’” (Mondoweiss, 6 June […]

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Bomb a Ghetto, Raise a Cheer

Pro-Israel Rally for Attacking Gaza, New York City, 11.01.09 Cf. Max Blumenthal, “Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Calls for ‘Wiping Out’ Palestinians,” AlterNet, 13 January 2009. Max Blumenthal is a senior writer for The Daily Beast and contributor to The Nation, Al Jazeera English,, AlterNet, the Huffington Post, and the […]

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