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4 years of Modi government: Hits and misses - from economy to jobs ... The Financial Express

Shadow of fascism

In its attack on civil liberties, its restructuring of the State to effect an acute centralization of power, and its pervasive purveyance of fear, the Modi years resemble Indira Gandhi’s Emergency. But the resemblance stops there. In fact the two differ fundamentally in several ways.

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How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States Daniel Immerwahr Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $30 (cloth)

Imperialism after empire

A new book reveals the extent of the “Greater United States,” but territory is not as important as it used to be. Instead, imperialism endures today in the logic of capitalism.

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Hexenverbrennung zu Dernburg im Jahre 1555 (zeitgenˆssischer Stich). Der Hexenwahn in Europa erreichte vor 400 Jahren einen traurigen Hˆhepunkt. Ganze Dorfgemeinschaften zerfielen auf dem Scheiterhaufen, bestialische Foltern zur Erzwingung von Gest‰ndnissen gerieten zur Kunstform, und die Erdrosselung vor dem Tod galt noch als eine grofle Gnade. (Zu dpa lhe und lrs 001 vom 31.10.1995.)

Gossip girls

In her landmark Caliban and the Witch, Marxist scholar Silvia Federici argues that witch hunts were an organized campaign of mass murder of women–particularly low-class women, midwives, or “wise women”–who defied the increasing implementation of a patriarchal, authoritarian order under a rapidly developing capitalist state.

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