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  • U.S. Continues to Train Honduran Soldiers

      A controversial facility at Ft. Benning, Ga. — formerly known as the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas — is still training Honduran officers despite claims by the Obama administration that it cut military ties to Honduras after its president was overthrown June 28, NCR has learned. A day after an SOA-trained army general […]

  • What should be demanded from the United States

    The meeting in Costa Rica didn’t, nor could it, lead to peace. The people of Honduras are not at war, it’s just the perpetrators of the coup who are using weapons against the people. One should demand that they cease their war against the people. That meeting between Zelaya and the coup was only good for discrediting the constitutional president and wearing away at the energies of the Honduran people.

  • The Coup Dies or Constitutions Die

    The countries of Latin America were struggling against history’s worst financial crisis within relative institutional order.

  • Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 3-4 July 2009

      Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 3 July 2009 Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 4 July 2009 Sandra Cuffe an independent journalist from Canada, currently reporting from the streets of Tegucigalpa.  Visit her blog Solidarity with the People(s) of Honduras! at <>.

  • The Indigenous in Honduras Denounce Humiliating Treatment of Honduran Women

      The curfew is not the only means of population control — now the de facto government is bent on suppressing the visibly identifiable sectors, in this case the indigenous population of the Central American country. Antonio Martínez, an indigenous leader, via TeleSur, reported on Wednesday that the international agencies that talk so much about […]

  • Honduras: Dawn of General Strike

      There was a curfew until 6 AM.  The city is militarized.  Hondurans remain in the streets, demanding the return of their president, Manuel Zelaya, keeping a vigil all night. This Monday morning began in Honduras with people demanding the return of democracy, ready for struggle.  There was a curfew until 6 AM.  The city […]

  • A Suicidal Mistake

    Three days ago, in the evening of Thursday 25th, I wrote in my Reflections: “We do not know what will happen tonight or tomorrow in Honduras, but the courageous behavior adopted by Zelaya will go down in history.”

  • A gesture that will not be forgotten

    I am halting for a moment the work on a historic episode that I have been writing for the last two weeks to express my solidarity with the constitutionally-elected president of Honduras, José Manuel Zelaya.