• | Crisis of Sri Lankan capitalism provokes a popular uprising | MR Online

    Crisis of Sri Lankan capitalism provokes a popular uprising

    Since early April, Sri Lanka has been engulfed by a wave of mass protests demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Thousands of workers and students have mobilised in the most significant mass movement in 30 years.

  • | Global military spending reaches record high | MR Online

    Global military spending reaches record high

    World military spending has passed U.S.$2 trillion for the first time, according to new data published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Last year was the seventh consecutive year that world military spending increased; total expenditure has almost doubled this century.

  • | This is America | MR Online

    ‘This is America’: cops, Democrats, and the MOVE bombing of 1985

    “Attention, MOVE. This is America. You have to abide by the laws of the United States.” This was the ultimatum given through a Philadelphia police megaphone to a group of Black activists trapped in their home in the early morning of 13 May 1985.

  • | The ruling class in Australia | MR Online

    The ruling class in Australia

    Who rules Australia? The politicians, the ultra-wealthy class of capitalists or the high-powered bureaucrats who run the state—the military generals, court justices, heads of government departments and so on? The answer is all three. Together, they make up the Australian ruling class.

  • | Whos middle class | MR Online

    Who’s middle class?

    Of all classes, the middle class is the one with the most people clamouring to be part of it. Many members of the ruling class prefer the label “middle” to one that makes capitalist dominance so overt. Many workers think that having a middle-income job by default puts them in the middle class. And people who want to downplay the working class’s revolutionary potential prefer to say,

  • | Modern Working Class | MR Online

    Australia’s modern working class

    More than 160 years ago, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, in the “Communist Manifesto,” described workers as those “who live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labour increases capital”.

  • | Rosa Luxemburg and the German revolution | MR Online

    Rosa Luxemburg and the German revolution

    The carnage of World War I was ended by revolution in Germany. It began in November 1918 with a mutiny of sailors in Kiel.

  • | Reform vs Revolution in Russia 1917 | MR Online

    Reform vs Revolution in Russia 1917

    In October 1917, revolutionary Russian workers, supported by millions of peasants and soldiers, succeeded in overthrowing capitalist rule and replacing it with their own democratic structures of power.

  • | Lenins The State and Revolution | MR Online

    Lenin’s ‘The State and Revolution’

    The starting point for his argument was the class nature of the capitalist state. Drawing on the writings of Marx and Engels, Lenin demolishes the idea that the state is a neutral body standing above social classes. Instead, he argues that the state exists as a means for one class to maintain its dominance over another.

  • | Lenins Imperialism | MR Online

    Understanding war: Lenin’s ‘imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism’

    The outbreak of World War I ushered in a new age of barbarism in Europe.

  • | There is no green transition | MR Online

    There is no ‘green transition’

    These days it’s no longer viable for the rich and powerful and their political servants simply to deny the reality of climate change and other environmental challenges. The new fad is to talk up whatever (inevitably small-scale) green initiatives are happening, and spruik the array of magical technological fixes that, like Forrest’s beloved “green hydrogen”, are always somehow just on the verge of taking off.

  • | Whats the use of Marxs Capital | MR Online

    What’s the use of Marx’s ‘Capital’?

    Marx played many roles in his life: activist, journalist, historian, philosopher and also an economist. The crowning achievement of his efforts in economics was the three volumes of Capital.

  • | Capitalism | MR Online

    Capitalism: great for the rich, shit for the poor

    Capitalism has generated the highest level of economic inequality in human history.

  • | Look up Australia How capitalism and climate change are turning our food bowl to dust | MR Online

    ‘Look up’, Australia: How capitalism and climate change are turning our food bowl to dust

    Quentin Beresford’s book Wounded Country: The Murray-Darling Basin—a contested history, published in September 2021, is a warning. State officials, politicians and agribusinesses risk turning Australia’s premier food bowl—the Murray-Darling Basin, which covers 14 percent of the Australian mainland—into desert.

  • | Aboriginal activists establish the Tent Embassy on the lawns in front of Parliament House in Canberra on 26 January 1972 Left to right Billy Craigie Bert Williams Michael Anderson and Tony Coorey PHOTO Noel HazzardTribune | MR Online

    Celebrating 50 years of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy

    The longest protest for Indigenous land rights, sovereignty and self-determination in the world, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, located on Ngunnawal land in Canberra, will mark its 50th anniversary on 26 January. Established by Aboriginal activists to demand land rights, the Embassy has been a key site for the struggle for Indigenous rights ever since.

  • | Workers at Deere a farm machinery company on the picket line in October | MR Online

    The right is surging in the U.S., but there’s cause for hope

    Emma Norton speaks to Sherry Wolf and Joel Geier, two long-time revolutionary socialists in the United States, about the turmoil, contradictions and possibilities of the U.S. political situation.

  • | Algorithms of injustice | MR Online

    Algorithms of injustice: Artificial intelligence in policing and surveillance

    If anything, the use of computer algorithms to guide police appears only to entrench and exacerbate existing biased policing practices. 

  • | Uni student climate justice demonstration | MR Online

    COP26 farce shows that the ‘build back better’ dreams have been crushed

    The popularity of “build back better” as a slogan reflects that no-one in their right mind would be overly enthused by the idea of “building back the same”.

  • | Workers shovel raw blue asbestos tailings into drums at an asbestos shovelling competition at Wittenoom in 1962 | MR Online

    Why do bosses keep trying to kill us?

    Wittenoom is an abandoned town in the desert north of Perth. Once, it had a population of almost 1,000, making it the biggest town in the Pilbara. Now, it’s been removed from maps and cut off from all essential services, to stop people from visiting.

  • | Supporters of the BLF green bans march in Sydney in the early 1970s | MR Online

    Why the climate movement needs the working class

    The scale of the climate crisis has driven a new generation of radical young activists to demand “system change, not climate change”.