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Michael Birnbaum - The Washington Post

The mind of the mass media

You write Trump “made no mention of Russia’s adventures in Ukraine”. Well, neither he nor Putin nor you made any mention of America’s adventures in the Ukraine, which resulted in the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014, which led to the justified Russian adventure. Therefore…?

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Karl Marx, Yesterday and Today | The New Yorker

18 theses on Marxism and animal liberation

Marxist critique of society remains incomplete if it does not consider the fact that, to make profits, the ruling classes have not only exploited the oppressed classes within the history of class struggle, but also and always animals (and nature).

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Spike Lee at the Cannes film festival in 2018

Boots Riley’s critique of Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman”

Sorry to Bother You director and musician Boots Riley on Spike Lee’s, BlacKkKlansman: “It’s a made up story in which the false parts of it to try to make a cop the protagonist in the fight against racist oppression. It’s being put out while Black Lives Matter is a discussion—and that is not coincidental. There is […]

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Fredric Jameson and Film Theory

Fredric Jameson is among the most prominent theorists of postmodernism and one of the foremost Marxist critics of his generation. In Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (1991), film occupies a central place in his account of the formal features of postmodernism and in his analysis of the relationship of postmodern culture to […]

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Telegraph (London) newsroom, April 16, 2018

A reserve army of reporters

Capitalists profit from the misery of both those who are unemployed and those who are lucky enough to be working full-time but seeing their work hours increase, their benefits diced, their wages cut. This very much describes the state of modern journalism in 2018.

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Reading Marx on migration

If any specter is most clearly haunting the wealthiest states of the world today, it is the specter of nativism. It has become a tired cliché to recount the number and nature of political forces that have risen on the strength of fear of the migrant other, real or imagined.

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