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  • Malcolm X / Africa

    Malcolm X’s revolutionary trip to Africa

    African Stream tells the story of Malcolm X’s political transformation that led to his assassination a few months after his return.

  • Lee Camp

    Lee Camp on censoring anti-war voices

    As the world moves dangerously close to global violent conflict, anti-war journalists have been banned and censored in Europe and the U.S. One of these banned voices, Lee Camp, discusses the development and why it is so dangerous.

  • Deb-Haaland

    Deb Haaland: Diversifying the established imperialist order

    On Dec. 17, 2020, Deb Haaland was appointed by Joe Biden as Secretary of the Department of Interior (DOI). Celebratory headlines proclaimed it a “historic moment” and the identity politics-influenced left was quick to defend the appointment from questioning. Immediately, Haaland’s nomination was touted as a “victory for Indigenous movements.” As Indigenous and other colonized revolutionaries, we offer a materialist antidote to the narrow and superficial narrative that has been put forward by corporate, non-profit, and even, left-media sectors.