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Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

Echoes and elections

The U.S.-American night-mare, tight-lipped and pouting, was finally forced to gallop off to its luxurious stable in Florida. Almost every European joined in “Hurrah!” cheers as it watched him go!

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Raising Their Banner High: Fascism, Imperialism, and Anti-Communism at the Capitol Hill Riots

Raising their banner high: Fascism, imperialism, and anti-communism at the Capitol Hill riots

This multicultural dimension of an overtly white supremacist demonstration is not a contradiction: rather, it reflects the convergence between imperialism abroad and fascism at home. Liberal commentators expressed self-righteous dismay at the vandalizing of “our” “iconic symbol of democracy,” worrying about what the events would do to the U.S.’ hallowed image as the shining “city […]

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A threat to democracy and food sovereignty (Photo: Food First)

TNCs reviving TPP Frankenstein

The incoming Biden administration is under tremendous pressure to demonstrate better U.S. economic management. Trade negotiations normally take years to conclude, if at all. Unsurprisingly, lobbyists are already urging the next U.S. administration to quickly embrace and deliver a new version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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Phil Wilayto

Lessons from the attack on the U.S. Capitol

What happened Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol was a violent takeover of Congress by a fascist mob, not a “protest by Trump supporters.” And, although five people died and there were more than 50 arrests, it’s obvious to the wide public that these overwhelmingly white lawbreakers were handled much differently than they would have […]

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Glenn Greenwald 2017 Allard Prize ceremony (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Who’s afraid of Glenn Greenwald?

Today, swarms of Corporate Media “self-limiting mosquitoes” are rejoicing–in their small buzzing ways–over the self-banishment of that notorious gadfly Glenn Greenwald from the Kingdom of Left-Liberal-“Woke!” orthodoxical rectitude.

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