Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Central Committee Press Release

We have released this communiqué to clarify our views about the concerns raised from different quarters about our party’s internal life and some of the questions of its policies since some time.

1. Our party is developed through the vigorous ideological and political struggle against pro-king and pro-India deviations, deeply rooted in the Nepalese communist movement for a long time. Having clearly defined the inseparable relation between nationality and democracy, we have initiated and have been leading great people’s war along with the development of political line of the proletariat class. By embracing the objective reality that it would be a serious deviation to see one or another principal or secondary except in the case of purely a tactical sense, our party, while identifying principal contradiction, has accepted the principal contradiction as the domestic reaction propped up by the Indian expansionism. By being rigid on its strategic positions, the Party has been showing adequate flexibility on its tactical questions along with the ups and downs in the movement and changes in situation. We would like to make clear that party’s independent official policy still remains as it is.

2. The immediate tactic of the party is to try to make the anti-autocratic struggle more broaden and frontline movements through interaction and arrangement with various political parties, civil societies and intellectual communities within and outside the country who raise their voices against the autocratic step of the King taken on last February1. Taking constituent assembly as the means of minimum political solution, the Party, under this policy, is trying to create the environment on the side of the democratic movement of Nepal, by keeping relations with the different political parties and forces not only within the country but also in the world over including India, Europe and United States of America. In this context, to learn the position of Indian political parties, including that of the Indian government and also to explain the party’s views, the central office has assigned Comrade Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Comrade Baburam Bhattarai for this purpose. The reactionary elements have been accelerating the conspiracy to wage drive within the Party by making propaganda against this responsible decision as an internal cacophony and individual initiative of Comrade Baburam Bhattarai. Our party humbly appeals to all the pro-people forces and whole mass of people remain cautious against such deceptive propaganda.

3. In the immediate situation, a debate and a rectification process is underway in our Party as an initiative to raise the Party, unified with a new ideological height, to meet the new challenges for the development of the great People’s war and overall democratic movement. According to the essence of the historical document of the party on ‘development of democracy in the 21st century’, we have publicized some of the issues of our internal debate. We are confident that this practice of raising mass-line to a newer height will ultimately maintain a strong unity within the Party. This practice will not only express the right of the people to know the internal life of party, but also will enhance active role of the masses of people in intervening the Party to correct its weakness. Through this practice we will definitely stand unified on newer basis against the pipedream of reactionaries and opportunists who conceive split within our Party, and turning their self-satisfaction to a vicious nightmare. No power on earth will be able to vacillate our glorious Party that is nurtured by the blood of the thousands of martyrs, from fulfilling its historical responsibility. Hence, it is not the question of this and that person, out Party has been the director of the historical campaign, on which is followed by a queue of thousands of revolutionary successors and millions of masses of people.

4. In the present situation of the movement against feudal autocracy, our party has not urged to any country for the mediation for the talk with the old state. Obviously we have been saying that we are ready to accept the mediation of the United Nations Organization or reliable international human right organization or neutral country for the political solution of the civil war. This polity is as it is so far. But we would like to make it clear the fact that the political initiatives our comrades are performing in India, in the context of movements against the autocracy, is not more than building support for the democratic movement.

May 27, 2005
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Central Committee