Sleepless Night

They thought I was asleep
That night they took my brother away
No dream I could keep
With tears flooding my face

He said I could be redeemed
Showed me how change takes place
Gave me a reason to believe
That love forgives mistakes

And they thought I was asleep
When they took him away
How can I just fall asleep
With all these tears in my face

Rest in Peace
Stanley “Tookie” Williams

Thank you for teaching us
That redemption begins within





John D. Evans

John D. Evans is a poet. He has published four collections of poetry: Acres of Green and Oceans of Blue: Diary of a Runaway (2000); More Than a Club Kid: Man Versus Self (2002); Things That Make My World Go “Round”: A Poetic Memoir (2003); and How Deep I Can Be: Lessons and Confessions (2005).