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Troosteloosheid van het bestaan

tussen slaap en wakker zijn

Reflectie in reflectie

biochemie van errectie

Twee bij een:

afmeting van een bed

Twee bij een:

afmeting van een cel

Nacht in je armen,

muur om me heen

Opgaande gebaren,

kou in m’n been

Ingang voor Exit

op rij voor Escape

Verneuke leegtes

gezweet op een tape

Melancholy of existence

Between sleep and wakefulness

Reflection in reflection

Biochemistry of erection

Two by one:

Dimensions of a bed

Two by one:

Dimensions of a cell

Night in your arms,

The wall coming down on me

Ascending motion,

Chills in my bones

Entrance to Exit

In line for Escape

Voids stuffed

Sweated on tape

Ramin Farahani Ramin Farahani was born in 1969 in Tehran, Iran.  He began to experiment with photography and make short films in 1987.  Later, he studied film direction at the Cinema and Theater Faculty of the Art University in Tehran (1989-1993).  Since 1994, he has lived in the Netherlands where he studied at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam (1997-1999).  His portfolio includes photos, a book of poetry, and several films.  Farahani’s last film was a documentary titled Jews of Iran.  He is now working on new documentary and fiction projects in Iran.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]

Jews of Iran
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Jews of Iran
Jews of Iran
Jews of Iran Jews of Iran