Impeach the President of the United States

We have pledged to help reclaim the honor of the United States of America.  Accordingly, we call for the impeachment of the president of the United States, George W. Bush.

Since lying in combat could needlessly cost the lives of fighting men and women, West Point graduates have been trained to live by a code of honor, that is, neither lying, cheating, nor stealing.  Since the military forces of the United States are responsible to civilian authority, that is, the president of the United States, we expect that same honorable behavior from the commander-in-chief.  Sadly, such has not been the case with President George W. Bush, nor with his vice president, nor with many in the civilian chain of command.

Furthermore, West Point graduates have been trained to lead by example.  The example set by our civilian leadership has been deplorable and immoral, casting utter discredit upon the United States of America.  Our organization, West Point Graduates Against the War, has described the lies told by President Bush, his vice president, and others in his command.  We have cited the numerous laws, treaties, protocols, and conventions, including the Constitution of the United States, that this administration has violated.  The time has come to hold the president of the United States accountable for these high crimes and misdemeanors.  We call for the impeachment of the president of the United States, George W. Bush. Clearly, he is unfit to lead.

As West Point graduates, we bring a unique perspective to this issue.  As we reflect upon our academy days, we remember that if a cadet was found guilty of an honor violation, there were direct consequences, that is, dismissal from the academy.  Many hopes and aspirations of young potential officers were abruptly terminated by violations of the honor code, regardless of the “severity” of the lie.

Yet, our President, the commander-in-chief of our armed forces, having lied to the world about our need for entry into the war in Iraq, is still not being held accountable for his deceitful behavior.  Incredibly, he is still allowed to perform his duties without rebuke, indeed without any negative consequences whatsoever, to him.  Meanwhile, thousands of our young people have died, tens of thousands have been grievously maimed, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been slaughtered, yet the president and his dishonorable ilk remain in command.

The deceit of President Bush continues to place our fighting forces, and our nation, in grave peril.  The president must be impeached.  We know of no other action but impeachment that can remedy this dire situation.

Time is of the essence.

William M. Cross, USMA 1962

James C. Ryan, USMA 1962

Joseph J. Wojcik, USMA 1962


West Point Graduates Against the War

William M. Cross, a Vietnam combat veteran, spent ten years in the army.  He was a professor of military psychology and leadership at West Point.  A PhD, Bill is a psychologist and college professor in upstate New York where he frequently counsels veterans.  He was a founding member of Veterans For Peace in Syracuse in 1991.  Father of three, Bill has seven grandchildren.

James C. Ryan spent five years in the army artillery with assignments in the United States and Europe.  Thereafter a businessman, he subsequently became a writer. He divides his time between Istanbul, Turkey where he lives, and New York City where he teaches in the summer at Columbia University.  Father of four, Jim has eight grandchildren.

Joseph J. Wojcik was a top-ranked cadet for military aptitude during his stay at West Point and was the Brigade Training Officer. He was also Vice-Chairman of the Honor Committee.  Upon graduation he entered the air force, and is now a retired business man living in Claremont, California.  Actually, Joe could hardly be considered “retired,” since he has trained for, and run in, marathon races for thirty years. Father of three, Joe has five grandchildren.

William M. Cross
William M. Cross
James C. Ryan
James C. Ryan
Joseph J. Wojcik
Joseph J. Wojcik